Things To Do In Dubai

Dine with luxury at the Best Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Emirati food is infused with flavors from throughout Asia and the Middle East. For generations, dining has been seen as a communal celebration, with food being shared with a great deal of warmth. Explore the realm of cuisine at Abu Dhabi with us.  Taste the...

Explore Dubai, not just the World Expo 2020

Explore Dubai, not just the World Expo 2020

World Expo is no doubt one of the most coveted international events. World Expo has always been an event to have a 'gala time' with its colorful themes and endless cultural artifacts to explore. It never lets you down. Millions of people and various nations flock to...

Ain Dubai: Tickets, Prices & Everything you need to know.

Ain Dubai: Tickets, Prices & Everything you need to know.

Dubai of United Arab Emirates is extremely popular for breaking records and building establishments that defy all the aspects of 'normal'. The city holds the best of everything. Dubai boasts the wonders of the world ranging from the tallest building Burj Khalifa to...

About Dubai

The capital of the Emirates, with towering skyscrapers, majestic views, and clear pristine beaches wait for your arrival. Located in the Eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, it serves as a melting pot for the cultures of Asia and around the world. Being a city of more than 3 million residents, it is a safe and respectful country with tolerance to everyone. In short, Dubai is the central hub for tourism and hospitality. A small fishing village established in the 18th century progressed quickly into one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Being the fourth most visited city, Dubai is definitely doing something right, don’t you think?  Here’s why you should have Dubai on your travel bucket list.

They have the finest architecture that will blow your mind! Dubai has already proven to the world that what they do is always the best. Visit the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa stands at 828 meters, or visit Burj Al Arab, the world’s first seven-star restaurant. Fun fact: Dubai has the second most five-star hotels in the World. How about man-made islands to add to your travel diaries, Dubai has two, with groups: Palm Jumeirah and World Islands. Let’s not forget the World’s largest flower garden, Miracle Garden blooms with a space of 72,000-metre. Tour around the Dubai creek, with Dubai creek parks with some of the most popular tourist destinations such as the Dubai Dolphinarium, Camel Rides, and Exotic bird shows.

Done with sightseeing? You are welcome to shop your heart out and take those souvenirs back!  Dubai is called “the shopping capital of the Middle East” and rightfully so. With more than 70 shopping centers in the city alone and the largest shopping center in the World, we think the city deserves the title. Want to experience Old Dubai, or have a fancy towards antique or precious jewels, the Gold souk will not disappoint you. The Gold souk house more than 250 gold retail shops and gives Dubai the title of the “City of Gold”. Explore Dubai with us like never before, know about the activities and attractions, and book your tickets from home.

With a history as rich and complex as Dubai, there is always more to learn. Dubai has gone through eras that shaped it into what it is today. Dubai was established as a fishing village with 700-800 members of the Bani Yas tribe. In 1901, Dubai was declared as a free port, that is, no taxation on import or export. The city was known for its pearl export till the 1930s, then came the Oil era.  From being a sand-covered coastline to the metropolis, Dubai continued to grow with oil and trade revenue, along with the Aviation Industry. Dubai has been ruled by the Al Maktoum family under a constitutional monarchy since 1833. Safety and law enforcement is strict and makes it the World’s seventh safest city. Delve into the culture and cuisine of Dubai and you will never want to leave.