We realize Halloween is a BIG thing in Dubai. Big enough to make you wonder if a Zombie Apocalypse hit theme parks or if jack o’ lanterns are behind our nightmares. TicketsToDo presents the must-visit Halloween attractions in Dubai; from indoor rainforests transformed into Halloween wonderland to monster-filled adventures at Legoland. These are the five hottest, most fang-tastic attractions you wouldn’t want to ghost on. Boo-k your tickets today with TicketsToDo, because this Halloween, we’re going to have a scream! 

IMG Worlds of Adventure

Two ghastly ghost figures looking from across the railing at IMG world of adventures

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Dubai’s largest indoor theme park is geared to trap you inside its walls. The thrilling attraction takes a chilling turn as spine-tingling experiences lurk around every corner. With an unwavering commitment to provide hair-raising excitement, IMG Worlds of Adventure never fails to deliver. The annual Festival of Fright gets bigger and better every season, and this year, they vouch that the venue is already haunted with the new haunted town, haunted hotel, haunted cafe and voodoo drumming circles. Adults and children above age of 12 can participate in the festival of fright on 28th October from 8 pm to 1 am to party with zombies and DJ Bliss while kids can indulge in trick or treats and a pumpkin hunt.

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The Green Planet

A poster titled "Spooky Panet" on the backdrop of rainforest and pumpkins at the Green Planet

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The green can turn into a scream when you experience Halloween in the rainforest. Aptly titled, the Spooky Planet, The Green Planet’s Halloween bash runs till October 31 as the indoor forest turns into a Halloween wonderland. Greet the creatures of the night, such as Slow Loris and Yellow Anaconda, and walk amidst the tombstones and spider webs without a shriek, if you can. There are activities to indulge in, like finding your way out of a Halloween-themed maze, face painting, pumpkin carving, mask-making, and more. Book your Green Planet tickets with TicketsToDo today.

Note that some activities are chargeable add-on at AED 65 to your general admission ticket.

Motiongate Dubai

Mummies and zombies walking on the streets for Fright Nights at Motiongate

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Friday Nights: Volume 6 is back with 6 weeks of terrifying experiences like the Grim Tales: Dracula, The Twilight Mirror, Haunted Graveyard, Freak Show, Halloween Characters Meet and Greet, and more. From Wednesdays to Sundays, the Motiongate transforms into the world of your nightmares starting at 4 p.m. Some experiences are only for adults, but children can happily indulge in Halloween candy grabs and relish spooky food. Book your Motiongate Dubai tickets today.

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Legoland Dubai

A kid dressed as a pirate for a concert at Legoland

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Get ready for the ultimate Monster Party at Legoland Dubai. Lego monsters rise at ‘The Great Monster Chase’ 4D movie and take your little ones for a delightful adventure. After the movie, there’s a new thrilling Scavenger Hunt to find all the monster band members hidden around the park. A rewarding experience as the hunt lets them put their detective cap on. Then they can let their hair loose at the V.I.M. Dance Party which basically stands for (Very Important Monsters) party hosted by DJ Lord Vampyre at the Castle Courtyard.

With more events to unfold such as the Treat Trail, Monster Meet and Greet, Monster Street Games, Lego Pumpkin Build and more, Legoland Dubai is the best family destination this Halloween. Don’t miss the Best Dressed Monster Concert, as you can show up on your fang-tastic costume and bag a prize every Saturday and Sunday. The final contest will be held on October 31. There is an option to extend your Halloween experience for a full-throttle monster takeover with Monster Sleepover at the Legoland Hotel, along with Bricks Brunch Monster Party every Saturday at the Bricks Family Restaurant.

Riverland Dubai

A group of people dressed in ghost costumes posing on the stone bridge

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The kid-friendly Halloween is at Riverland Dubai with a free exclusive Pirate Show and a Monster Parade on Wednesday- Sunday evening. Walks around Riverland and find boo-tiful selfie spots and take pictures with the cast of pirates and their monster friends. Dining and shopping experiences have turned spooky too, and the spirit of Halloween will be live till November 12th.  The annual zombie parade featuring the apocalypse will take place on the final day.

As Halloween draws near, Dubai emerges as a hub of ghostly excitement and family-friendly thrills. The city’s attractions are turning into spooky wonderlands that promise unforgettable adventures and memories for all. Whether you’re wandering through the eerie, transformed rainforests of The Green Planet, enjoying the terrifying tales at Motiongate Dubai, or partying with little monsters at Legoland Dubai, there’s no shortage of spooktacular fun. IMG Worlds of Adventure and Dubai Parks and Resorts ensures the festivities extend beyond the typical Halloween night, offering delightful surprises and entertainment. So, get ready to be thrilled and chilled because Halloween in Dubai is an experience you won’t want to miss. Don’t delay; book your tickets from TicketsToDo and embrace the spirit of Halloween in Dubai today!

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