Top hidden places in Dubai to discover

hidden places in dubai

Are you planning on going to Dubai? This year is special – Dubai is the host of one of the most fascinating events. We’re talking about Dubai Expo 2020, of course. If you’re going to this event too, check out the hidden places you will find in Dubai.

Dubai – the city of many cultures and offbeat places

Everyone who has ever been to Dubai knows the most famous tourist attractions. You have probably seen the Dubai Fountain, the Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Fort. However, this city offers much more – Dubai will be the perfect opportunity for you to experience cultural diversity. Why not go to Al Reef Bakery, for example, to try the amazing Lebanese street food. Enjoy fresh mana’ish with melted cheese and meat. And if you want something sweet, grab a plate of baklava – you may even take it home and share it with your family and friends. Little drops of heaven!

Something special for beach lovers…

Delma Island is a real paradise on earth. This small island is located about 500 kilometers from Dubai, if you want to go there and spend the night in this amazing place, just take the ferry from Jebel Dhanna terminal. Delma Island is one of the oldest inhabited places in the country, so you will have a unique opportunity to experience what a traditional Persian Gulf would look like. But if you don’t want to move outside Dubai, choose for example Surf House on Jumeirah Beach Road. There you can surf and feel the wind in your hair. Unless you prefer more relaxed indoor activities – then go to the morning yoga classes that are organized there.

…and adventurers

If you love adventure, head to Al Wathba. This hidden gem is located less than 30 minutes from Dubai. An unknown place even for some of locals has recently become more popular mainly thanks to Star Wars. Do you maybe know the opening scene of A Force Awakens? That’s the place where it was shot! Rent a car and set off on a trip through the desert! And in the evening you can relax in the spa and bars not far from Al Wathba.

Discover hidden places in Dubai!

As you can see, Dubai is a city that offers a wide range of activities. You just can’t get bored there! Without any problem, everyone will find something perfect for themselves – museum lovers as well as adventurers. And this year you have the perfect opportunity to get to know Dubai better. Dubai Expo 2020, the most fascinating event of recent years, is coming up. Do not hesitate and plan your trip to Dubai. This city will certainly amaze you.

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