When you think of Dubai, how do you think the weather is going to treat you? If you are going in expecting a desert climate, sorry to say, you will be disappointed! Dubai can be cool and chill if you decide to visit at the right time. We bring you the perfect weather guide for you to plan your next trip to Dubai.

Many travelers prefer Winters for a trip to the Emirati Capital, the low humidity and low-temperature level, a trip can become much more pleasant. At TicketsToDo, you can discover activities and book your tickets online! You can plan amazing things to do at exclusive prices. If you are planning a trip to Dubai, take a look at all the things to do in Dubai, beforehand and make sure to read our comprehensive Dubai travel guide.

Weather in Dubai – a complete guide

Avg. Temp.
Avg. Temp.
Daylight HoursRainfall
January75 F​ / 24 C
59 F / 15 C8 hours0.74 inches​
February77 F​ / 25 C63 F/ 17 C8 hours1.40 inches
March83 F​ / 28 C66 F/ 19 C8 hours0.87 inches​
April91 F / 33 C72 F/ 22 C10 hours0.28 inches
May100 F / 38 C79 F/ 26 C10 hours0.4 inches
June103 F​ / 39 C84 F/ 29 C10 hours0.2 inches​
July105 F / 41 C88 F/ 31 C10 hours 0.8 inches​
August106 F / 41 C 88 F /31 C11 hours0.2 inches​
September102 F​ / 39 C84 F/ 39 C10 hours0.0 inches
October96 F / 36 C77 F/ 25 C10 hours 0.4 inches​
November87 F / 31 C70 F/ 21 C 9 hours 0.11 inches​
December79 F​ / 26 C63 F/ 17 C8 hours 0.64 inches

Data were taken from weatherandclimate.com and  climatestotravel.com

Weather in the Summer in Dubai

  • Summer Months: June to August
  • Average Temperature: exceeds 109 F / 43 C

The weather is hot and humid during the months of June to August. June provides an average rainfall of less than 1 inch, make the weather, particularly very dry. Just be ready to get hit with high temperatures during the months of July and August which can reach up to 113-115 F (43-45C).

Weather in Dubai during summer months

Recommended Activities:

Stick with indoor activities for these months. Dubai doesn’t host many outdoor summer festivals due to the high humidity and temperature during the summer months. The Dubai Dolphinarium is perfect to visit those cute little dolphins and even swim with them.

Ski Dubai is an inbuilt snow mountain for you to snowboard with your family sure to keep you cool and out of the heat.

Points to remember with Dubai Weather Guide:

  • Summer has the most discounts in activities, due to the lack of tourism and the ongoing extreme heat. Though it seems like a good deal, do remember that certain activities will not be available.
  • During summer, the weather in Dubai is influenced by the Windy Shamal winds from the north to cause gusty winds and sandstorms. It makes driving extremely difficult due to reducing visibility.
  • One should be respectful of local habits and the country if they are a visitor. Make sure, you dress modestly. If you are in any sort of Tourist spots such as malls, restaurants, etc, you can wear almost anything you want. just a heads up, beachwear is only allowed on the beach. If you are visiting during Ramadan, the rules might be more strict. Keep that in mind. Go through the safety and laws in Dubai beforehand.

Must- Haves in your bags for a day-out:

  • Sunscreen, always, not just in Dubai!
  • You should get a cap or a sundress hat for yourself. Shield yourself from the UV rays.
  • Carry water, it is easy to be dehydrated and not notice, due to high humidity.
  • For clothing, you an  pretty much bring anything if you are visiting the tourist spots such as hotels, beaches. But some places do have stricter rules, especially if you are visiting during Ramadan. Our advice: cover your shoulders and your kness, if you are in doubt. Carry a headscraf and loose clothing, instead of tight fitting clothes. It will help you to fight of the heat and unneccessary stares.

Dubai weather throughout the year – Fall

  • Fall Months : September to November

The fall in Dubai isn’t chilly or cold in any regard. September till November are still quite hot but bearable. As the humidity decreases, you can have the perfect day at a beach.

Weather in Dubai year round

Dubai travel guide would recommend fall as the ideal time to visit.

Activities recommended:

  • Visit the beaches and have an amazing time
  • Rent a yacht and go on a trip to view the city line
  • Lounge by the pool enjoying each other’s company

Must- have essentials in your bag:

  • Sunscreen – always!
  • You may need to pack a lightweight sweater or scarf, for the evenings that go quite chilly during your yachting evenings.

Dubai weather during the Winter months

  • Winter months: December to March

Also, the rainy season of weather Dubai. Between the winter months of December to March, you can expect short downpours and thunderstorms. The winter months are the best time to visit, as per our Dubai travel guide. It is relatively cooler and is ideal for tourists who would love to walk around Dubai without sweating profusely.

Dubai weather year round

Activities Recommended:

Must- have essentials in your bag:

  • Comfortable clothes, sneakers for camping or trekking.
  • Lightweight jackets or outerwear for the cool evenings.

Spring weather guide in the UAE

  • Spring months: March to May
  • average temperature: 90 F

Now, that winter thaws, you will be greeted with the season of spring. The temperature will gradually start to climb up towards the likes of summer.

Dubai weather guide - spring

Heat seems to be the strongest in the afternoon and mellows down during the evening. We would advise you to schedule your activities in the sun for the late afternoon.

Activities Recommended:

  • A great time to hit the water parks or adventure parks with your family. The Dash of adventure will never disappoint.
  • Plan evening getaways planned to the renowned and local café and restaurants.

Must- have essentials in your bag:

  • No warmer clothing is required, but you should carry a lightweight jacket just in case.
  • Carry sunscreen in case of sunburn, just even in the evenings.

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