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They say to truly experience a city you must live like the locals do and we completely agree. Lifestyle & living is unique to every place and there is so much to see to understand a city’s culture. From museums to spas, there is so much to experience when you visit someplace new. If you’re looking for the best spots to explore in your favourite destinations, then our collection of sights and spots is something you can’t miss. Whether you want to spend the day walking the streets or really get into holiday mode and sunbathe at the beach, we’ve curated the perfect spots for you. So, choose a spot, pick what you’re in the mood for and start exploring.

Visit Fujairah: the land of heritage sites, hot springs, and cartoon island

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Five must-try vegan eateries in Dubai

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Covid-19: UAE is lively again, but here’s what we have to say

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Drones aren’t just useful for taking high resolution videos of the aesthetic city and landscapes around us. When put to good use they services can be utilized for a greater cause and that’s exactly what   “Their Suhour Is on Us” campaign is all about. An initiative by the Community Development Authority in Dubai was conceived in order to raise …

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mother daughter day trips

With Mother’s Day around the corner, what better way to treat her than to whisk her away on a glorious solo vacation! No matter what we gift our mothers, they will always appreciate the tiniest gesture we provide them with which is why we thought of a new gift to give your mother. A vacation! …

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Taken from the Arabic root ramida or ar-ramad that translates to scorching heat or dryness, Ramadan is an obligatory fast for adult Muslims, except for those who are suffering from an illness, traveling, elderly or pregnant, diabetic or menstruating during the month of Sha’ban. Muslims are to fast from dawn to sunset abstaining from consuming …

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Georgia is the place calling you for your next holiday! Tucked away at the intersection of Europe and Asia, this former Soviet republic is home to tall cascading mountain villages and deep Black Sea beaches. Georgia is the newest destination for all those bitten by the wanderlust bug! With sprawling cave monasteries dating back to …

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ain dubai capsule

The Dubai skyline is already stunning but how would it look from 688 feet in the air? Breath-taking doesn’t really cover it. The Ain Dubai or Dubai Eye which is the highest observation wheel in the whole world has finally come full circle. It’s incredible to see how much work has been done just in …

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tastes from around the world

Food is the way of life. Think about it from different perspectives, how food plays an important role in your life, how it reaches your soul and makes you happy. Food could be savory or could be sweet. Swiss chocolates, French éclairs, Chinese food (dumplings), Indian Food, Burgers, are the quick, easy eats that can …

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The show lights go down and you can’t believe your eyes. You’ve been taken on a fantastical journey with seven of the best illusionists in the world and your mind is exploding with wonder and possibility. Want this to be you? Well, you’re in luck. Discover the Illusionists Dubai! Madinat Theatre Dubai & Abu Dhabi …

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Tours & Activities in Dubai

Nestled at the heart of the Middle East, Dubai is the UAE’s answer to the New York’s and London’s of the world. This luxurious city synonymous with Metropolitan and Chic witnesses millions of visitors travel up its shores every month. With the incredible infrastructure and array of activities, a vacation becomes a flurry of can’t- …

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Ultimate Greece travel guide.

Pretty as a picture, oceans bluer than your paint palette. Waters clearer than crystal, food to die for and memories that will have you wanting more. Greece travel guide – the essentials The land of Mythology, Olympics, parties at Mykonos – Greece, the land of Gods, is one place you must visit. This blue and white …

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Desert Sports in Dubai

Are you one who’s always up for an adrenaline burst? Or are you fond of getting out there and testing your nerves while breaking out a sweat? Then this is an article made just for you. Stay tuned as we take you through options of fulfilling your desert thrills. Going flying over the sand dunes …

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