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They say to truly experience a city you must live like the locals do and we completely agree. Lifestyle & living is unique to every place and there is so much to see to understand a city’s culture. From museums to spas, there is so much to experience when you visit someplace new. If you’re looking for the best spots to explore in your favourite destinations, then our collection of sights and spots is something you can’t miss. Whether you want to spend the day walking the streets or really get into holiday mode and sunbathe at the beach, we’ve curated the perfect spots for you. So, choose a spot, pick what you’re in the mood for and start exploring.

Visit Fujairah: the land of heritage sites, hot springs, and cartoon island

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Five must-try vegan eateries in Dubai

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Covid-19: UAE is lively again, but here’s what we have to say

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Desert Sports in Dubai

Are you one who’s always up for an adrenaline burst? Or are you fond of getting out there and testing your nerves while breaking out a sweat? Then this is an article made just for you. Stay tuned as we take you through options of fulfilling your desert thrills. Going flying over the sand dunes …

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Singapore is notorious for it’s larger than life outlook, all packed into a compact island-state in the heart of South-East Asia. Known as ‘The Lion City’, Singapore is one of the most appealing travel destinations having gained popularity for its interesting architecture, buzzing food scene and immaculate natural beauty. For those seeking their great escape …

eating in dubai

Modern, luxurious, cultured, global – those are just a few words that are used to describe the city of Dubai. The fourth-most popular tourist destination in the world, DxB has a lot to offer from its old-world heritage to its fast-paced nightlife. But one thing that stands out is the food. A blend of traditional …