Drones aren’t just useful for taking high resolution videos of the aesthetic city and landscapes around us. When put to good use they services can be utilized for a greater cause and that’s exactly what  

“Their Suhour Is on Us” campaign is all about. An initiative by the Community Development Authority in Dubai was conceived in order to raise awareness on the importance of volunteering and reemphasizing social responsibility in the country.  

The mission for this campaign is to deliver several suhoor meals around the city to mosques by using drones. These drones are not alone. This campaign has generated more than 700 volunteers who will control and take care of these drones during each drop off and deliver the meals with diligence and dedication. 

Pre-planned maps and routes will be decided and the drones will use stored maps and target locations to follow specific routes to deliver food to the assigned locations. 

These drones are carrying eight fully charged batteries ensuring that each drone will bring along with it 10kgs of meals in one single trip. This will allow there to be enough food for those awaiting the delivery spots. 

The drones will deliver these pre-dawn meals to help feed laborers and hope to instill an emphasis on social responsibility among the citizens of the country. 

The youth council of the CDA have also opened the opportunity to engage people with determination and efficiency. These individuals will have the opportunity to supervise these meals and ensure that each delivery has successfully reached the targeted mosque. 

This is a wonderful initiative that brings together the sense of community while highlighting important responsibilities in society.

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