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They say to truly experience a city you must live like the locals do and we completely agree. Lifestyle & living is unique to every place and there is so much to see to understand a city’s culture. From museums to spas, there is so much to experience when you visit someplace new. If you’re looking for the best spots to explore in your favourite destinations, then our collection of sights and spots is something you can’t miss. Whether you want to spend the day walking the streets or really get into holiday mode and sunbathe at the beach, we’ve curated the perfect spots for you. So, choose a spot, pick what you’re in the mood for and start exploring.

Visit Fujairah: the land of heritage sites, hot springs, and cartoon island

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Five must-try vegan eateries in Dubai

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Covid-19: UAE is lively again, but here’s what we have to say

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Places to visit in UAE during Eid holidays Qatar How about a four-day vacation to Qatar? It is one of the easily accessible places with a lot of things to do. Souq Waqif, also known as the heart of Doha is a fascinating place to explore and is definitely the highlight of the city. You …

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Check weekend getaways from Dubai Salalah The capital city of southern Oman’s Dhofar province, Salalah is renowned for its banana plantations, Arabian sea beaches, and spectacular mountain ranges. The best part is that it is just 2 hours by airplane and makes for a really relaxing weekend getaway. The temperature is mild most of the …

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Check best landmarks in Dubai Burj Al Arab The distinguishing sail-shaped feature of  Burj Al Arab Jumeriah is more than just an impressive hotel, it is a symbol of modern Dubai. It can be rightly said that this graceful silhouette is to Dubai what Eiffel Tower is to Paris. Completed in 1999 and touted as one of …

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With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s time you start thinking big! If you’re unable to take that trip you’ve planned with him, you could maybe gift him something essential that he would be able to use for his journey. Something that will constantly remind him of you! So for your travel addict dad-we’ve …

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If you’re thinking of gifting your dad a necktie or a wallet, why not think bigger? This is the time to do something out of the box! We were thinking about planning a trip somewhere around the world for a one one-on-one bonding time! Whether it’s a place to rewind with a cocktail or pint …

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While 2017 was an extraordinary year for the UAE in terms of new projects and openings that were announced every week, so much so that it was hard to keep up, what’s even more exciting is what 2018 holds. There will be so many new additions to UAE in the upcoming year. Here are some …

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The pyramids of Saqqara What is the first thing that almost immediately comes to your mind when you think of Egypt? Yes, I thought you’d say the pyramids. While the Giza pyramids and the sphinx have their own charm to them, what most people miss out on is the Step- pyramid of Saqqara. These pyramids, …

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Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee and a café they could spend hours at? These days the fuel that seems to drive people, their conversations, ideas, inspiration starts from a sip of coffee. We’ve rounded off a few world-famous cafés that will leave you sipping more than just one cup of coffee. Top …

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How to Travel Solo?

Everyone has their own unique ideas of travel. While some would like to spend their time lounging in their hotel and ordering in some room services there are some that would rather spend their days exploring the city that they’re in. Everyone enjoys their holidays differently and going in a large group with opposing interests …

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What is the best way to get over your workday blues? A vacation.   The reason why most families shy away from vacations is obvious. The price one has to pay to enjoy themselves has risen over the years to exorbitant amounts that make us feel like we’d rather sit at home than spend our green …

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