Qatar’s climate is classified as desert, which means very mild winter and very hot summers. With that out of the way, don’t let the weather bore you down already. Qatar is home to beautiful tourist destinations such as the Museum of Islamic Art, the Pearl Qatar, and Villaggio Mall to name a few! When’s the best time to visit? That’s what the Qatar Climate Guide is here for!

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Climates: Seasons, average temperatures, and precipitation

Qatar climate guide

Qatar is a small and flat country which leads to its uniform climate pattern throughout the entire country. Here are the seasons, average temperature, the best time to visit, and what to pack in the Qatar climate guide.


There are two main seasons in Qatar:

  • A cooler season from December to February
  • A hot season from May to Mid-October.

If we categorize it further, March and November are the transitional months. It is warm but manageable.  A very hot period can be marked from May to Mid-October.

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Average temperature

Doha, the capital of Qatar, records the daily average temperature from 18.5 degrees Celsius (65 F) in January to 36 degrees Celsius (99 F) in July.

The table below shows data for the average temperature of Doha. The temperature pattern stays similar for the entire land.

MonthMin (°C)/(F)Max (°C)/(F)Mean (°C)/(F)
January14 / 5822 / 7218.3 / 65
February16 / 6024 / 7619.9 / 67.8
March18 / 6529 / 8423.6 / 74.4
April23 / 73 34 / 9328.4 / 83
May28 / 8240 / 10433.8 / 92.8
June30 / 8642 / 10836.1 / 96.9
July32 / 8943 / 109 37.1 / 98.8
August31 / 8942 / 10736.5 / 97.7
September29 / 8539 / 10234.2 / 93.5
October26 / 7936 / 9731 / 87.8
November22 / 7130 / 8625.8 / 78.4
December17 / 6225 / 7620.7 / 69.2
Year23.8 / 74.933.8 / 92.828.7 / 84

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What is the best time to visit Qatar?

Qatar Climate guide

Mid-November to mid-March is the perfect time to visit Qatar. This four-month gap is the only time of the year when the weather is not scorching hot, and rather mild hot. From December to February, you will encounter mild weather, which can also give you a few cloudy and cool days during your visit. 

January marks the coolest month and is ideal for a vacation. The temperature ranges from 14 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees celsius. Though the weather is cool, you might encounter rain in form of heavy thunderstorms and cloudbursts, so do check the weather guide beforehand.

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What should you pack for your trip?

As we have already mentioned the best time to visit Qatar, but we will be listing things to pack for both seasons

For winter:

  • Light clothes for the day,
  • A jacket/Windbreaker for the cool days and an extra layer for the night never hurts.
  • Maybe a scarf for the wind. 


  • For lightweight clothes, opt for cool fabrics such as cotton or linen.
  • You will need a scarf for a sweater for the heavily air-conditioned places. 

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Important points to keep in mind during your visit

  1. Women visitors are not required to wear a hijab or an abaya. A loose-fitting dress to cover the knees and shoulders is ideal. Most wear is expected from visitors, hence you should avoid any tight-fitting or revealing clothing items.
  2. Men are also expected to dress modestly.
  3. Bikinis, beachwear, shorts, miniskirts, and similar items are acceptable in hotels and tourist resorts, but not in public places.

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That’s everything you need to know about Qatar’s weather and climate! Get ready to plan your visit to Qatar and don’t forget to stage your travel buddy -TicketsToDo. You can get book the best activities and explore hidden gems, with us, along with discounts on every activity!