Miracle Garden Dubai will transport you to a floral paradise on Earth. Located at the heart of Dubailand, the 72,000 sq. m flower-themed park has a lot to offer visitors to the UAE. The park is open exclusively during the winters. Most blogs online will tell you that bus 105 from the Mall of the Emirates is the best Miracle Garden route.

TicketsToDo has mapped out some of the easiest ways to get to Miracle Garden so that you can enjoy your vacation hassle-free.

Miracle Garden Information:

  • Location: Dubailand, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Operating Hours:Sunday to Thursday— 9 AM to 9 PM;Friday and Saturday— 9 AM to 11 PM.
  • Entry Fee: Miracle Garden Ticket price starts from AED 53

The Best Route To Miracle Garden

There are two things you must remember to reach Miracle Garden from anywhere in Dubai:

  • The Mall of The Emirates Metro Stop- Red Line
  • The Bus Route no. 105

If you find your way to these transport facilities in Dubai, you can reach your destination in just 30 minutes for a fee of AED 5!  There are just two stops on the entire route, so you can easily fare between MOE and Miracle Garden. While you’re there, make sure to visit Dubai Butterfly Park which is nearby.

Mall of the Emirates to Miracle Garden Map

miracle garden route

 Miracle Garden Bus Timings

Bus no. 105 miracle garden

  • On weekdays you can catch Bus 105 from MOE at 3:56 PM
  • During weekends, the bus departs at 12:04 PM from the Mall of the Emirates Station

Board the Dubai Metro without a worry, even when you’re traveling to Miracle garden at night. The Public Transport facilities in Dubai come with world-class facilities. While journeying to Miracle Garden on the 105 bus, you can enjoy air-conditioning. Wi-Fi, and security.

Reaching Miracle Garden From Terminal 3, Dubai International Airport

miracle garden dubai route

Just landed at DXB and want to explore Miracle Gardens right away? Or are you on a short layover in Dubai? Well, Dubai airport is well connected to all major attractions in the city, including the Miracle Garden. So here are the two best Miracle Garden routes from DXB. Board the Dubai Metro Rail- Red Line at Terminal 3. From there you have two options for drop-off

  • Get down at the Mall of The Emirates Station, and take bus route 105
  • Or you can also get down at First Gulf Bank Metro Station which is only 30 minutes away. Take a taxi from the metro station to reach Miracle Garden Dubai

Miracle Garden on the Dubai Airport Skybus

The Skybus is an easy thoroughfare that can connect you to Dubai from DXB. Line 11 is your number If you wish to visit Miracle Garden by boarding the Skyline.  You must be ready to get off at the Ramada Chelsea Hotel and hire a cab to go to Miracle Garden. The Skyline Service moves every 10 minutes, so you can easily catch one when you’re at the Dubai Airport. The taxi journey will take you only 15-20 minutes and cost around AED 30-50.

Here are some things to know before you visit this magical garden.

Miracle Garden to Global Village

miracle garden to global village

If you’re touring Dubai city need to catch up on all major attractions soon, you can safely rely on the Dubai Public Transportation System. Global Village and Miracle Garden are located at a distance of just 6 km from each other. The most cost-effective and time-saving route to Miracle Garden is by using the route 105 bus. This bus is available between the Mall of the Emirates and Miracle Garden. But, you can easily take bus route no. 106 from Global Village to Mall of the Emirates. Once you reach MOE, you know the drill.

Best Route to Reach Miracle Garden From Jumeirah

Al Freej bus

Only a few years ago, a taxi from central Dubai city might have been the sole means to reach Miracle Garden. But, thanks to RTA’s all-new bus service you can travel to Miracle Gardens via Dubai’s convenient public transport facility. Just take the new “Al Freej” bus service that plies between Mall of the Emirates and Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC).  The entire journey will cost you only AED 30.

How to Reach Miracle Garden From Abu Dhabi

abu dhabi to dubai bus

There are many taxi services that you can reserve from Abu Dhabi to Dubailand. If you’re an adventurer who prefers public transport. Here’s the best Miracle Garden route from Abu Dhabi:

  • Reach the Central Bus Station at Abu Dhabi
  • From there board the RTA Bus E101
  • Get down at the Ibn Battuta Metro Bus Station, Dubai
  • From  there you will easily find a cab to take you to your destination

Miracle Garden From Union

Dubai RTA bus service

Union is the Rapid Transit Station, where the Green and Red Lines diverge in Dubai. So, if you’re at the Union, you’ll be around 32 km away from your destination at Miracle Garden. Your choice of transport should be the exclusive Union to Dubai Miracle Garden bus/metro service. The vehicle starts at Union Metro Station 1 and will take you directly to the Butterfly Gardens in 52 minutes.

Taxi Rides to Reach Miracle Garden Dubai

When you’re traveling in large groups, or with a family, Public transport may not be the best option. Under such circumstances, the most time and cost-effective way to reach Miracle Gardens is the taxi. You can easily book rides on cab apps such as Careem or Uber. Other than that, Dubai’s local taxi services are always available, for long distances such as Bur Dubai to Miracle Gardens, or even short distances.

So there you go! Don’t forget to visit the Miracle Garden especially during these stressful times.