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Food & culture complement each other. There is no food without culture and there is no culture without food and you can’t understand either without experiencing both. Trying the cuisine in a new city is probably one of the most fun things you can do and we’ve got quite the selection of the must-haves for you. From Asia to Europe, we’ve rounded up the best local spots, traditional dishes, and drinks that you just can’t miss. This is your exclusive pass to eat at the places that fully capture the essence of a city’s identity. So, note down these restaurants and foods to experience culture better.

Five must-try vegan eateries in Dubai

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Abu Dhabi: Drive fast cars or travel back in time, here are 10 things to do in UAE capital

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10 local and historic eateries to go global at World Expo 2020

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vegan restaurants in dubai

If you’re a vegan living in Dubai or planning to visit the city sometime sooner or later, you’d surely want to indulge in the region’s best eateries serving plant-based meals.

things to do in Abu Dhabi

The last we know of the Ipsos City Index, Abu Dhabi reigned second among the world’s best. The capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was visited by 10.8 million tourists in 2019 from around the world. And, why not? The multi-cultural city offers new things for tourists and non-tourists alike. We have narrowed the …

local eateries at world expo 2020

The stage is almost set for “The World’s Greatest Show.” The World Expo 2020 celebrates the UAE Vision 2021 by supporting the growth of tourism and stimulating innovative businesses. Since it is the first World Expo to be hosted by an Arab nation, no stones are left unturned, for the country to be established as an …

what to do in london and paris

There’s a reason why Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest in the world. Millions of people keep coming and going out of the city. During the summers, DXB reaches its zenith and this year the number of passengers is expected to reach 16 million by the end of the holiday season. Where is …

travelling to Muscat

If you’ve been thinking of taking a short vacation to rejuvenate and relax, here’s some great news. Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority and Oman’s Mwasalat recently announced a new international bus route that connects Dubai to Muscat. The bus journey is set to run thrice a day; the entire journey taking 6 hours. The bus …

dubai travel tips

Dubai has been a top spot for tourists for several reasons. It can also rightly be called a very ambitious city, given its hub for thriving business. The city definitely has a start-up mentality and its potential has no bounds. Besides the 5 star hotels and the super fancy malls, the city definitely has a …

Travel - TicketsToDo

Christmas is a month away and ‘tis the season to be jolly! If you are planning a lovely Christmas brunch with family or friends and are a fan of feasting on festivals, this article is just for you. We’ve compiled the best places in town that you could visit for a scrumptious meal. After all, …

why visit ireland

Ever changing Irish weather, the most picturesque landscapes straight out of a fairytale, Irish drinks and friendly Irish people- if these reasons aren’t good enough to drive you to this potential hotspot that is increasing in popularity by the day, I don’t know what will be. Now that I mentioned it, you must be actually …

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Over the past decade, e-sports has grown exponentially and has become a huge reason as to why so many young people today travel to certain parts of the world. Next year, many will gather in Shanghai, China to witness the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year, The International. The initial announcement was made on …