Unique Ramadan Celebrations Across The World

The holy month of Ramadan isn’t just a fasting period for Muslims across the globe but marks their culture, faith and belief. They celebrate their faith with unique and vibrant traditions, all special and different from each other. Want to know more about it, below listed are a few of them.

If you know of any such special traditions, share it with us!

Gerga’aan – Kuwait

15th night in the holy month of Ramadan, the tradition of Gargee’an is celebrated. It’s a celebration where children go knocking on the doors of their neighbour’s home and sing in exchange for chocolates, nuts and fruits. The children sing two traditional songs, this is done because of their attempt to fast for the first two weeks of Ramadan. And if you were wondering, the word Gargee’an means blessings of the month.

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Kunafa – Palestine

Desserts are loved by everyone but during the holy month of Ramadan some countries have special desserts for to celebrate their faith. The Palestinian dish, Kunafa is one dessert that is served during this holy period. It is made up of soft cheese, semoline dough drenched in syrup and topped with crushed pistachios. Does this sound interesting and delicious to you? If yes, then you have got to try it. If no, then you’ve still got to give it a shot who knows you may have a liking towards it. Plus, there’s cheese in and who doesn’t love cheese?

Fanoos – Egypt

In Arabic, the lantern is known as Fanoos, it has become a symbol across the middle east during the holy month of Ramadan. The ones used during this holy period are colored in glass, and decorative in style. The birth of such lanterns were said to be in Cairo, hence the tradition stems from there. Can you visualize this pretty picture, well you too can take forward this tradition and experience happiness wherever you are.

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Nyekar – Indonesia

The Javanese in Indonesia believe that Ramadan is a time of introspection and renewal of faith and marks the end of one life cycle and the beginning of another. Before a person starts fasting, they must pay their respects to their forefathers by visiting the graves and decorating them with flowers and praying to them. Isn’t this an interesting fact about the tradition in Indonesia?

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Iftar Picnics – India

India is a culturally diverse country with many traditions, but one of the most oldest and wonderful ramadan tradition is the iftari picnic. This tradition started of from Delhi, where once after the prayers are said and the fast is to be broken hundreds of people lay down white cloths gather together and eat food! The food is just like one you would have for picnic, so just imagine all the fruits, sandwiches, and dishes that you get to eat after a day of fast.

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