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Things to do in Sharjah

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Things to do in Sharjah

Sharjah might not be as swanky as the neighboring city of Dubai, but it certainly paints a pretty picture that’s reeks with promising holiday experiences.  Be it the mélange of enthralling sights or the indulging sightseeing tours; there isn’t any dearth of excitement. If you are searching for the best things to do in Sharjah, you will love our ultimate Sharjah travel guide.

What to do in Sharjah

Top Attractions in Sharjah to Include in Your Itinerary

For a surreal experience, you must start by acknowledging the epitome of craftsmanship associated with the Al Noor mosque. Although there are more than 600 mosques in the city, the Al Noor revisits the Ottoman style of architecture. At the heart of Sharjah, the city has the Blue Souk, a shopping market that deals in handicrafts, woven carpers, and almost anything that would make a great returning souvenir.

Once you are done strolling around the central market, it’s time to visit the Sharjah heritage museum to learn more about the grandeur of this city. A haven for the art lovers, the museum is enclosed within the erstwhile souk and features an extensive collection of historical gems and rare art pieces.

Want to Look Beyond Religious Heritage Sites? Read On!

Besides the architectural wonders with historical significance, you can also head towards the Sharjah Desert Park, famous for the botanical museum and the natural farm for children. Your next stop, when in Sharjah, should be the famous public park i.e., the Al Noor Island. Primarily visited to experience the enigma of the butterfly house, the park also flaunts innovative designs and mid-century sculptures.

Now that you have spent almost half a day in Sharjah, you can take your friends and family to a well-known commercial complex i.e., Al Qasba. This attraction is packed with fun-filled indulgences for the kids. Not just that, the entire family can enjoy a sumptuous BBQ dinner at this complex, courtesy of an extensive array of fine dining conglomerates.

Best Activities in Sharjah to Spice-up Your City Tour

Now that you have halted at the Al Qasba, it’s time to give sightseeing a rest and participate in exciting activities like the Bungee Trampoline and the Wire World Accrobranche. However, if you prefer something mild and less happening for the kids and teenagers, the play area at the Al Qasba is packed with choices.

If you are looking to explore something under the open skies, the Sharjah wildlife center near the Sharjah Zoo offers camel rides and desert safaris to choose from. Apart from the Venetian vistas, including Ferris wheel rides and other activities at Al Qasba, the city also allows visitors to explore the wildlife from the closest possible distance. You can also unwind at the famous al montazah parks in Sharjah, provided you are seeking seclusion after experiencing a day filled with fun and frolic.

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