Be our guest, visit the best attractions in UAE, and have an experience of a lifetime. A wholesome experience for 16.73 million in the year 2019, UAE expected a goal of 20 million tourists visiting! Little did we know that the world will shut down for a pandemic. Don’t worry, with precautionary measures, 24% of flights and 76% of hotels have been actively catering to the needs of the visitors.

With TicketsToDo, you will find everything you need to make your experience, a little more pocket-friendly. You can discover tourist attractions, book tickets, and activities online. Right now, we will venture into the best UAE attractions finally opened up again for you.

List of top UAE attractions

1. The Green Planet Dubai

The Green Planet Dubai is one of the top attractions in UAE

The Green Planet Dubai By Meraas brings you their own tropical forest in a dome. The world’s largest indoor man-made tree with over 3000 plants and animals.  This biodome cover 60,000 sq feet and a total of 4 levels. The canopy above your head, the top-level, absorbs the sunlight, the middle layers have the most plants and animals and the last level, doesn’t receive any sunlight. Sounds like the perfect tropical forest doesn’t it?

Adding other touches to it, you can enjoy all four levels of exploration via a walkway that spirals around the faint tree. The Canopy, the midstory, forest floor, and flooded rainforest assemble into the rainforest ecosystem. Book your tickets to the Green Planet, right here at AED 75. Along with that check out the most Instagram-worthy places in Dubai to level up your social travel itinerary.

2. Abu Dhabi Warner Bros

Abu Dhabi Warner Bros is one of the best attractions in UAE

Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi is an iconic indoor theme park often treated as, one of the best attractions in UAE especially made for ultimate family entertainment. You can walk with your favorite cartoon characters or enjoy 29 fun rides.  There are numerous restaurants to have a hearty meal and walk out with a little something for yourself from the souvenir shops as well.

3. Fujairah East Coast

Fujairah East Coast is one of the uae natural attractions

The age-old culture and tradition of the United Arab Emirates can be experienced with Fujairah east coast tour. Get away from the hustle of the fast pace of Dubai and admire the rich history dating back 4000 years.

If you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful visit to nature along your journey, the East coast has the best attractions UAE has to offer. The rugged Hajar mountains, the desert towns, and coastal villages of Al Ahaid and Dibba Al-Hisn filling with desert oases and fishing villages are a sight to see. While you visit the east coast, do not forget to pay a visit to Al Bithmah Fort and Al Badiyah Mosque, which is the oldest mosque in the UAE.

Other tourist places in UAE

4. Sharjah

Sharjah uae attractions

Courtesy: Pinterest

Sharjah may not be as boujee as the capital city of Dubai, but it is a heaven for thrill-seeking individuals. Not only that, the scenic beauty and religious importance also make it a promising holiday spot. You can check our ultimate travel guide to Sharjah to know more.

There are more than 600 mosques in the city, you may not have time to visit every single one of them, but the top of the list should go to Al Noor mosque. Why? Because the Al Noor mosque is the epitome of ottoman craftmanship. You can visit the Blue souk market for an amazing handmade souvenir. Art lovers can visit the Sharjah Heritage Museum, with historical gems and rare art pieces.

The Sharjah Desert Park, butterfly farm, and Al Noor Island are perfect for family outings. You can have a halt and then go for Bungee Trampoline for adults and Wire World’s Accrobranche for kids at Al Qasba. 

5. Al Ain

Al Ain Attractions in UAE

Al Ain, Jebel Hafeet beehive tombs, Pinterest

Would you believe it if we told you, the most scenic place in UAE mingles with the busiest markets and malls? Al-Ain is the place where sightseeing is accompanied by a thrilling adrenaline rush. Known as the oasis city with a rich heritage of the archaic period, this city is the only region in the entire UAE which is featured in the World Heritage List.

For the relaxing point, you can visit the Jebel Hafeet mountain range, the famous Sheikh Zayed Al Ain Palace Museum, and even have a cup of coffee from nearby cafes. Fun fact: this place is also known for the best Arabic coffee in UAE. You can visit the hot springs at Al Ain Oasis or explore the world of fun and games in the garden city at the Al Ain International Cart Circuit. 

You can either select the entire Al Ain city tour package for exploring the town and its heritage or resort to fun-filled activities at The Wonder Maze, Bounce, or the Equestrian club.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy your time exploring the best attractions UAE has in store for you. Remember to follow all the necessary precautions while you travel here or to any other country. Make lots of memories and take back home the good times.

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