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Things to do in Belfast

If the United Kingdom is on your globetrotting list, you must certainly consider heading towards the beautiful city of Belfast. Be it a productive day trip across the captivating locales of the city or trying out a host of adventurous activities to kill time, this city offers ample opportunities to the travelers. If you are searching for the top attractions and the most rewarding things to do in Belfast, then look you are the right place.


Top Attractions in Edinburgh That Will Leave You Mesmarised

Belfast is a city know for its cultural and historical sights. Titanic Belfast is a pretty good start if you are interested in experiencing the very place where Titanic was designed, built and launched, Titanic Belfast tells the story of Titanic from her conception, through her construction and launch, to her maiden voyage and subsequent place in history.

Moving on, you must head over to the Dunluce Castle as it offers a historical perspective to the travelers and allows them to acknowledge the magnificence on display. Located on the edge of a basalt outcropping it is accessible via a bridge connecting it to the mainland.

What’s more in Edinburgh?

You must make it a point to visit Dark Hedges, which is an avenue of beech trees along Bregagh Road. The trees form an atmospheric tunnel that has been used as a location in HBO's popular television series Games of Throns. The next point should be the Belfast Botanic Gardens, which house exotic tree species and impressive plant collections.

Best Activities in Edinburgh to Give Your Trip a Fun Touch

Besides the topmost attractions, you can also indulge in highly rewarding activities during your stay in Belfast. 

 Now that you have finally made your mind to visit Belfast, it’s time to book tickets for Belfats's top attractions and activities, at TicketsToDo, well in advance. As we have curated the ultimate list of best things to do in Belfast and the best places to visit in Belfast, much of your time will be saved.