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Things To Do in Fujairah

Fujairah is known as a nature lover's paradise. Located in the northern east of the United Arab Emirates, Fujairah is like a breath of fresh air with its magnificent natural spots and mesmerizing views. The city is known as the most-visited place for scuba diving, biking, hiking and glamping. If Fujairah is on your bucket list for a getaway, get ready for an all-immersive experience at this wonderful place. You can indulge and know more about the beautiful history of the place, or walk around the parks that offer you a serene morning or evening. Browse and take a look at the top attractions and the best things to do in Fujairah with TicketsToDo, and never miss out on a wide range of exciting experiences. 

Plan Your Fujairah Itinerary With TicketsToDo

Fujairah is home to the oldest fort in the United Arab Emirates, Fujairah Fort. The fort serves as an archeological and historical relevance of the UAE and brings you several chapters of history through its mesmerizing structure and three main sections. Another oldest structure of the Fujairah is the Al Bidyah Mosque or the Ottoman Mosque that is surrounded by various archaeological sites. The historical sites and structures provide you with an insight into the cultural, and traditional outlook of the inhabitants. The other historical site is the Bithnah Fort that is situated outside the city. Apart from these historical architectures and structures, you can also take a look at the beautiful parks and other forts that encompasses the city. Travel with TicketsToDo and make the most of your experience with us. Take a look at the best things to do in Fujairah, that we have listed for you. 

When Should You Visit Fujairah 

Visit Fujairah within the window of October to March. During this time of the year you can roam around without having to worry about the scorching heat. If you are visiting Fujairah during the summer season, there is no reason to worry, as our curated list of the best things to do in Fujairah have indoor experiences as well. 

Types of Fujairah Attractions You Can Pick From 

Get ready to ride through time as you walk around or enter the stunning historic forts that have a unique story to tell. You can catch a glimpse of the oldest forts and learn more about the culture of the city. Visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque which is the second largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates. A must visit is the Al Hayl Castle which had been built more than 250 years ago and served the ruling family those days. The Fujairah Museum, Masafi, Corniche Road, Kalba Corniche Park, Ain Al Madhab Hot Spring are other top takeaways among many more at Fujairah. 

The city of Fujairah also has a plethora of activities for visitors who love to dive deep into the water or indulge in snorkeling.