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Sometimes planning a vacation can get too stressful – the bookings, the tickets, the itineraries, the timings and pretty much everything else involved. That’s why you need someone to guide you, tell you exactly what not to miss and what you need to remember while traveling. If you’re not much of a planner then travel guides are your best friend. We’ve listed the must-dos and must-sees in your favourite cities, so you never stop exploring. All you need to do is choose your destination, explore every inch of the city – whether its sights, food, culture or unique spots and be amazed every time!

All you need to know about Aquaria KLCC Malaysia

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Top places to visit and things to do in Malaysia

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10 amazing things to do at the Palm Jumeirah

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Dubai public transit is one of the largest and smoothest networks in the entire world. You can choose your way of commute according to your budget. From trams, buses, taxi to monorails and the metro, modern and cost-effective ways of transport will certainly make your trip easier. Today, TicketsToDo will provide you a user-friendly guide …

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Free things to do in Dubai

It may be hard to believe that an extravagant city like Dubai may offer anything valuable without having to spend a few bucks. Sorry but we disagree to agree on that! The word “free” is so attractive. Especially for budget travelers, this is something they’re always looking forward to. If you are one of those …

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Dubai International Airport busiest airport in the world

Dubai International Airport is a destination for all things big, busy, and luxurious! It is also one of the busiest airports in the world for international passenger traffic. With travel restrictions to Dubai Airport still being enforced, this is your guide to prepare for that post-pandemic supersized Dubai holiday. Location: Al Garhoud district, 4.6 km …

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Best Hotels in Dubai TicketsToDo

Dubai is such a happening city it is impossible to take a tour of the entire place in a day or even a few days for that matter. If you’re planning for a trip to Dubai, it sure would feel nice to go back to a pleasant accommodation after a tiring day of shopping and …

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Things to do in Singapore

Singapore, a super happening city-state in the south-eastern part of Asia has been a thriving tourist spot for decades now and for all the right reasons. It’s not just about the lush hotels, fine dining, and luxurious shopping malls, there’s so much more to Singapore that you can explore. From solo trips to family vacations, …

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Are you planning on a trip to the stunning landscapes of Al Ain? Let us help you find everything you need to know and be your tour guide before you pack your bags. An amazing trip shouldn’t be tainted with stress and misinformation. TicketsToDo will help you discover new activities and even book tickets seamlessly …

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Al Quaa Milky Way spot

Back when there was no such thing as GPS, the only way sailors and travelers found their way back home was by following the stars. Wonder what the amusing hazy band of light seen in the night sky is? That’s our Milky Way galaxy a.k.a, The “River of Heaven”. For many people, a clear night …

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chinese restaurants in dubai

Before anything else, here’s wishing you a very prosperous Chinese New Year! What are your plans for this auspicious day? The year 2021 is the year of the Ox, representing diligence, persistence, and honesty. Whether you have a 7-day-long holiday or just for that specific day, you are bound to celebrate it. So, we made …

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Would you like a trip down memory lane? If the answer is yes, TicketsToDo presents you with Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi. The first and only indoor setup is meant for an immersive experience for you and your family. About Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi is the world’s first-ever Warner …

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Flying in or out of the Emirates? Dubai better is on your travel list, and we will help you check it out! With almost 16 million tourists annually, the city of skyscrapers has been offering the best to every visitor. Now it’s your turn and we will help you get around easily with our Dubai …

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