Expo 2020 Dubai is being called “World’s Greatest Show”. The Expo 2020 Opening Ceremony on September 30 is going to take place in the iconic Al Wasl Plaza. Numerous wonders are awaiting discovery on this 438-hectare-wide site. The United Arab Emirates is the first nation to host whopping 190-plus countries at its fair.

Every country with its own dedicated pavilion with an incredible schedule of global and home-grown talent is set to perform at Expo 2020’s Opening Ceremony. So, what are you waiting for? Book your expo tickets with TicketsToDo now!

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All You Need To Know About Expo 2020 Opening Ceremony “90 Minute Show”

Drawing inspiration directly from Expo’s theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, showcases deep-rooted values of the UAE. The Opening Ceremony will take spectators on an incredible journey across its subthemes of Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. Expo welcomes the mega-events of 192 participating countries in a spectacular fashion. 


Dubai Expo 2020 Opening Ceremony

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You can watch the Grand Opening Ceremony on Expo TV, Virtual Expo, and broadcast to a global audience of millions across multiple channels. Al Wasl Plaza is going to be showcased at the Opening Ceremony. Expo’s plaza includes the largest immersive sound installation in the world and the world’s largest blended video projection installation. The audience will be at the center of the show as it unfolds, with the revolving stage, stunning surroundings, and immersive technologies coming to life around them. 

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expo 2020 opening ceremony

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Among those slated to perform is:

  • The world-famous tenor Andrea Bocelli.
  • Also Grammy-nominated, Golden Globe-winning actress, singer, and songwriter Andra Day.
  • Platinum-selling British singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding.
  • An International megastar pianist Lang Lang and Four-time Grammy winner Angelique Kidjo.
  • Showcasing the creative diversity and talent of the region, the glittering line-up also includes the ‘Artist of Arabs’ Mohamed Abdo.
  • Emirati singing sensation ‘Fananat Al Arab’ Ahlam Alshamsi.
  • Emirati Artist and Expo 2020 Dubai Ambassador Hussain Al Jassmi, a trendsetter on the Khaleeji music scene in the Middle East and internationally.
  • The rising UAE singer-songwriter Almas; and Grammy-nominated Lebanese-American singer Mayssa Karaa.


expo 2020 opening ceremony tickets

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Rehearsals and preparations have brought together creative minds from different geographies, industries, and backgrounds. It includes a talented in-house team of Emirati and international creatives. The team consists of event organizers who are not only commissioning but also actively co-producing the collaborative spectacle.

You will see three brilliant minds coming together for the success of the event. Scott Givens, the executive producer, and CEO of FiveCurrents is leading the wider team. His credits include 62 iconic ceremonies, including Olympic Ceremonies. Franco Dragone is also included in the group, acclaimed artistic director of ground-breaking productions such as La Perle and Cirque du Soleil. Jared Sweet, the award-winning creative director behind ceremonies covering six countries.

The Significance of the Show

event planner expo 2020

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The Opening Ceremony is going to serve as a worthy opportunity to demonstrate Expo’s commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of its participants, and visitors. Expo 2020 brings the global community together for one of the first times since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. A large event being held in the MEASA region is going to enable millions of people to experience the world in one place, explore new frontiers, and embrace opportunities for tomorrow.


expo 2020 dubai events

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The spots to keep an eye on are Al Wasl Plaza, Dubai Exhibition Centre (DEC), Jubilee Stage, and Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre. While we wait at the edge of our seats for the World Expo 2020 commencement, Dubai is steering towards us with a huge catalog of events, performances, and activities.

We are providing a list of some of the most interesting programs scheduled in October in the fields of sports, music, entertainment, and special events. Start marking your calendars now for your favorite set of activities.


expo 2020 events

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We are going to witness talents across the globe as they take the center stage. These idols will showcase their creative and artistic talents at the Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre, Jubilee Stage, and many more. For the highlights, we have concerts by an all-women orchestra led by AR Rahman from India and the New Zealand band Six60.

Those preferring visual entertainment, street theatre, film, and dance performances the artists will be right up your alley. You can also enjoy a recreational show; from toddlers and pre-teens to adults and grandparents.


October 1, 2021Late Nights @ Expo, Dance(Hungary and Morocco), and African Percussion Performance
October 2, 2021Music/ Late Nights @ Expo and Street Theatre by France
October 3-9, 2021Dance
October 7-9, 2021World Beats
October 8, 2021Saudi Arabia Family Show Theatre
October 9, 2021Dance shows
October 12, 2021Jalsat Nights
October 14-15, 21-22,28-29, 2021Late Nights @ Expo
October 14 to 16, 2021Lusophonia Festival
October 22, 2021Lithuania and Gala Concert
October 23, 2021All-Women Firdaus Orchestra
October 31, 2021Entertainment Halloween Hero Event


World expo 2020

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You can sit by the side and enjoy netball and cricket exhibition matches or participate in rigorous Track and Field exercises. UAE is organizing various sports ranging from the largest jiu-jitsu lesson to netball. The country pavilions are gearing up to host friendly, high-spirited competitions and games. 


October 9, 2021Australia, Inter-pavilion MultiSports Round Robin Tournament
October 9, 2021Australia, Exhibition Cricket Match
October 14, 2021Australia, AFL (Australian Football League)/Netball Skills and Drills
October 16, 2021Australia, Netball Exhibition Match
October 17, 2021Australia, Football Skills and Drills and modified games
October 30, 2021United States, Harlem Globetrotters


dubai expo october 2020

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International days serve to remind us of global issues such as the inclusion of minority groups and climate change. Expo 2020 calendar is set to recognize noteworthy dates celebrated and acknowledged worldwide. Various issues will be explored, discussed, and dissected under a global platform that is going to connect us all.


October16,2021World Food Day
October 31,2021World Cities Day

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national and honour days at Expo 2020

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Expo 2020 has organized a special ceremony for each country at Al Wasl Plaza to honor the 191 countries participating in the show. The National and Honour Days will include a flag ceremony with the country’s national anthem playing alongside it. You will witness a beautiful view of the country’s cultural performances in the limelight at the Stage of Nations. This show is a great way to expose and experience cultures coming together from around the world.


October 2, 2021Republic of France
October 3, 2021Republic of Uganda
October 4, 2021Ukraine
October 5, 2021Republic of Vanuatu
October 9, 2021Turkmenistan
October 11, 2021Gambia
October 12, 2021Kingdom of Eswatini
October 13, 2021Republic of Senegal
October 14, 2021Republic of Sierra Leone
October 16, 2021Commonwealth of Dominica
October 17, 2021Cote d’Ivoire
October 18, 2021Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
October 19, 2021Republic of Guyana
October 20, 2021Republic of Panama
October 21, 2021Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
October 22, 2021Republic of Lithuania
October 23, 2021Honour day - European Union
October 24, 2021Honour day - United Nations
October 25, 2021Republic of Maldives
October 26, 2021Negara Brunei Darussalam
October 27, 2021Kingdom of Lesotho
October 28, 2021Republic of Seychelles
October 29, 2021Switzerland Confederation
October 30, 2021Arab Republic of Egypt
October 31, 2021Republic of Finland

The Expo 2020 with its mascots and themes will be one massive event in the history of Expos’ and also of the UAE. Follow your social media handles so that you don’t miss out on the latest Expo-related information. You will also receive notifications on up-to-date offers if you subscribe to our newsletters.

If you always wanted to venture through the cultures and traditions from all over the world, you have the perfect opportunity now. With such a grand event right around the corner, all that is left for you to do is register yourself. Happy Travelling!

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