New Year’s was just a few months back and the most common resolution was to travel. Then 2020 commenced, and here we are all quarantined wherever we are, patiently waiting for the pandemic to pass.

Virtual traveling guide

While we sit on our couch and post throwback pictures, TicketsToDo presents you with 10 places that you can travel for free, without any passport or airfares, directly to be transported via your screen. Virtual travel experiences are a recipe for a bit of normality in times of lockdown. 

Traveling to Dubai… from home

You’ve chosen places to visit in Dubai post-Covid-19, hopefully in 2020? Bummer! But you still can. Shocker! Here’s how.

virtual traveling to dubai

Dubai 360 was launched in 2015 to grant virtual tours. At that time it was a curious sight for those planning to visit the city. And today, it’s everything your vacay to Dubai would have offered. From sightseeing at popular destinations to exploring shopping malls and museums, everything is a click away. Easy to navigate with thumbnails, the culture, and ambiance of the city radiate from the screen, no kidding. We recommend a chill drink while you fasten your seatbelts from your couch.

India – desirable destination

Granted that India is a country of diversity and a virtual tour would not do much justice, the most iconic site, however, can be traveled virtually. The magnificent Taj Mahal, the eternal symbol of love, and a baffling structure that stands pearly-white in the city of Agra are accessible from here. The airplane gives the exterior tour of the Taj Mahal in two parts. Don’t miss the history of the Taj Mahal. We recommend a tissue.

India is one of the virtual travel destinations

China – the top place to visit online

The one-stop destination for all China travelers – the Great Wall of China – can be reached right here. With its 2000 years of history and a spectacular view of the surrounding hilltops, the Great Wall of China is the second wonder on our list (there will be more). Follow few arrows and you can reach the top.

how to travel to China without travelling?

Traveling online to Vatican City

Art lover and a traveler at once? No country is more perfect than Vatican City for you. Witness the brilliance of Michelangelo’s masterpiece with a virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel. While photography is strictly prohibited when visiting in person, the virtual tour of the Vatican is a whole another level. Don’t miss this experience!

travelling at home to the Vatican

Besides the Sistine Chapel, there’s so much more to visit in the Vatican and the virtual world is keeping up. From Raphael’s Room to Pio Clementino explore the Vatican in your own sweet time.

Virtual travel to France

You’ve seen the Eiffel Tower almost synonymous with Paris. However, the Louvre is much more interesting to explore, thanks to one-of-a-kind fine artworks that are challenging to comprehend. With the museum’s virtual tour, you can choose to join different exhibits including ‘Egyptian Antiquities’ and ‘The Advent of the Artist.’ Launch the virtual tour of the Louvre.

virtual travel experiences - France

Moving southwest of the center of Paris is the beautiful Palace of Versailles constructed in 1624. Walkthrough the unending hallways and zoom in to the excellence of French art through Google Art and Culture.

On the banks of Seine, you can visit the Musee d’Orsay Museum that boasts artwork from 1848 to 1914.

How to travel without traveling? – smart ideas!

On your bucket list, there are always places impossible to reach, perhaps lockdown time is the perfect moment to explore those distant areas you’ve always dreamt of! 

Los Angeles is a place you can visit without traveling

Skip the crowd on the L.A Streets and enter The J. Paul Getty Museum with Google Arts and Culture. A detailed peek inside this museum will showcase artistry from the 8th to the 21st century. With the ultimate zoom feature, you can get as close to historic paintings, sculptures, and even manuscripts.

ways to travel from home - Los Angeles

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Visit England from home

Be it the science, architecture, or the conspiracy theories that fascinate you in regard to Stonehenge now is the time to visit. With an interactive virtual tour from inside the monument, you will not only get a relaxing tour but also an educational one. Click on videos to know more about these ancient stones.

England virtual tour

(image credit: Mansion Global)

Visit Egypt virtually

One of the seven wonders and one of the heavily guarded infrastructures are available for a virtual tour. Scale the Pyramids of Giza and get a breath-taking view from the top. In fact, get a helicopter view of each pyramid and what lies in-between.

pyramids in egypt - ways to travel from home

Hawaii from home

You may have thought of going to Hawaii but you may or may not have considered visiting the most active volcano in the world. Safe and from your couch, take a guided tour to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park right here.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park for a virtual travel

Virtual traveling to Washington DC

Nope, it is not the White House. But while you are here, don’t miss the Smithsonian Museum that has excelled in the art of virtual tours. Visit here and travel back in time and get a close-up view of dinosaurs, fossils, and aquatic creatures.

how to travel without leaving home? - washington DC  virtual tour

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Since the joy of traveling is ingrained in our status as social beings so we understand if you cannot wait for the virus to pass and travel freely again. Till then, stay at home, travel virtually, and save the world.

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