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7 ways to deal with ‘not-being-able-to-travel’ blues

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10 places you can visit without traveling

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Your Ultimate Guide To Travel Essentials!

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Safe travel destinations for women travelers

Someone truly said jobs fill your pockets but travel and adventures fill your soul! Whether it is for wanderlust, for exploring new places, and getting to know new people and cultures, people travel for different reasons. Other things aside, we cannot agree on the fact that men and women may be equals when it comes …

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ways to deal with the lack of travel

Once upon a time, everybody had plans of traveling and some even had their tickets booked way in advance. Sorry I’m not sugar-coating this but enter COVID-19, and all these plans turned into unrealistic dreams. On the brighter side, just because it hasn’t doesn’t mean it never will! You don’t have to totally cancel out …

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places to visit without travelling

New Year’s was just a few months back and the most common resolution was to travel. Then 2020 commenced, and here we are all quarantined wherever we are, patiently waiting for the pandemic to pass. Virtual travelling guide While we sit on our couch and post throwback pictures, TicketsToDo presents you 10 places that you …

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problems with tourists in europe

The advancement in technology, where one can easily book a one way ticket with one click, from something as convenient as a smartphone has led to a very prominent problem: overtourism, the effects of which have been lately seen in Europe. With increasing population and several travel apps making their way to the market like …

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most Instagrammable Places in Dubai

Even though most of us hate to admit it, social media dominates our lives these days. And why would it be any different when it comes to our travel experiences?  No matter which part of the world we are holidaying in, there’s a strong urge to show our friends and followers what we are up …

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advantages of river cruises

Cruising is something that everyone must experience at least once in a lifetime. Many of us may not be that fond of water, or perhaps even prone to seasickness; but these are tiny things that can be easily overcome, and rest assured, you are sure to have the best time! Advantages of river cruises Instagram …

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Are you planning a holiday this summer to beat the Dubai heat? If yes, then India is a good solution to the heat problem. India may be a densely populated country but this time of the year it is blessed with beautiful weather that one will crave. The cool climate and serene environment will be …

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Travel - TicketsToDo

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s time you start thinking big! If you’re unable to take that trip you’ve planned with him, you could maybe gift him something essential that he would be able to use for his journey. Something that will constantly remind him of you! So for your travel addict dad-we’ve …

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Travel - TicketsToDo

If you’re thinking of gifting your dad a necktie or a wallet, why not think bigger? This is the time to do something out of the box! We were thinking about planning a trip somewhere around the world for a one one-on-one bonding time! Whether it’s a place to rewind with a cocktail or pint …

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The holy month of Ramadan isn’t just a fasting period for Muslims across the globe but marks their culture, faith, and belief. They celebrate their faith with unique and vibrant traditions, all special and different from each other. Want to know more about it, below listed are a few of them. If you know of …

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