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Food & culture complement each other. These two are interdependent on each other and you can’t understand either without experiencing both. Different parts of the world are famous for their own cuisine. If you are a foodie, you definitely should try it all out. Trying the cuisine in a new city is probably one of the most fun things you can do and we’ve got quite the selection of the must-haves for you. From Asia to Europe, we’ve rounded up the best local spots, traditional dishes, and drinks that you just can’t miss. This is your exclusive pass to eat at the places that fully capture the essence of a city’s identity. So, note down these restaurants and foods to experience culture better.

Five must-try vegan eateries in Dubai

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Abu Dhabi: Drive fast cars or travel back in time, here are 10 things to do in UAE capital

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10 local and historic eateries to go global at World Expo 2020

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Taken from the Arabic root ramida or ar-ramad that translates to scorching heat or dryness, Ramadan is an obligatory fast for adult Muslims, except for those who are suffering from an illness, traveling, elderly or pregnant, diabetic or menstruating during the month of Sha’ban. Muslims are to fast from dawn to sunset abstaining from consuming …

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Love, joy, and faith – That’s what Ramadan is all about. And that’s exactly what The Sharing Fridge Campaign in the UAE emulates. A community-driven initiative, this 2-year old campaign has spread like wildfire since it’s inception and it’s here to stay. Here’s everything you need to know about The Sharing Fridge Campaign: This beautiful …

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Georgia is the place calling you for your next holiday! Tucked away at the intersection of Europe and Asia, this former Soviet republic is home to tall cascading mountain villages and deep Black Sea beaches. Georgia is the newest destination for all those bitten by the wanderlust bug! With sprawling cave monasteries dating back to …

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tastes from around the world

Food is the way of life. Think about it from different perspectives, how food plays an important role in your life, how it reaches your soul and makes you happy. Food could be savory or could be sweet. Swiss chocolates, French éclairs, Chinese food (dumplings), Indian Food, Burgers, are the quick, easy eats that can …

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Best restaurants in UAE

The world of Game of Thrones may have seven magical Kingdoms to explore on our TV screens, but the UAE has seven magical kingdoms to check out in real life! TicketsToDo brings you a list of the best restaurants in the seven emirates of UAE you ought to visit. UAE food guide Young or old. …

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Ultimate Greece travel guide.

Pretty as a picture, oceans bluer than your paint palette. Waters clearer than crystal, food to die for and memories that will have you wanting more. Greece travel guide – the essentials The land of Mythology, Olympics, parties at Mykonos – Greece, the land of Gods, is one place you must visit. This blue and white …

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germany train station during snow

What’s there to not want to visit one of the most efficient countries in the world or taste the greatest beer ever made? With soul-stirring scenery and amazing culture to take in, you are in for a treat if you ever plan on traveling to Germany. If Germany is a place on your bucket list …

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Singapore is notorious for its larger-than-life outlook, all packed into a compact island-state in the heart of South-East Asia. Known as ‘The Lion City, Singapore is one of the most appealing travel destinations having gained popularity for its interesting architecture, buzzing food scene, and immaculate natural beauty. For those seeking their great escape to a …

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eating in dubai

Modern, luxurious, cultured, global – those are just a few words that are used to describe the city of Dubai. The fourth-most popular tourist destination in the world, DxB has a lot to offer from its old-world heritage to its fast-paced nightlife. But one thing that stands out is the food. A blend of traditional …

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