On 27 Nov 2013, Dubai wins the right to host the Expo 2020. Fireworks and celebrations erupt in the world’s tallest building. “Connecting minds and Creating the Future”. The theme is very in tune with modern times as well. Being one of the most influential emirates of the UAE. The world has pretty high expectations from Dubai. The Expo will Kick off at 20th October 2020 with more than 192 Countries participating. It is historic of the middle east because its the first one to be hosted by the region.  Dubai Expo 2020 will last for 6 months hence Dubai will be in no shortage of visitors during that period. A global event of this magnitude will be put Dubai in the spotlight so here are 10 things that you can expect from the Expo 2020.

1) A World-Class venue:

The Venue of the Expo promises to be one of the best this world has ever seen. It is a state of the art facility that has it all.  You will find groundbreaking architecture in every turn, from the world’s largest 360-degree projection surface at Al Wasl to the all-natural materials that make up the Opportunity Pavilion. This site will be located in between the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It has its own hospitals as well as metro stations. The central plaza of Al Wasl is flanked by three large Thematic districts.  Each district is dedicated to a subtheme of the Expo 2020. The subthemes are Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity. However, nothing less is expected from Dubai. A city that has set such high standards for itself.




2) The most international expo:

As of now, there are 192 confirmed participating nations in the Dubai expo. Every country will showcase its own unique culture and technological innovations. This has made the Dubai 2020 Expo the most inclusive edition of the World Expos. In contrast, Milan Expo only had 145 participants in 2105. As a result, this promises to be one of the most historic expos in the world. Expo 2020 is sure to attract millions of visitors from all around the globe. Don’t miss it!!



3) Travel the world:

Each participating nation will have its own pavilion. These pavilions will be based on one of three sub-themes of the Expo 2020. They are  Sustainability, Opportunity, and Mobility. Therefore you will get to see hundreds of pavilions at the Expo. Each pavilion will feature interactive exhibitions, live entertainment and many more. Visit your favorite countries and go places that you have never considered. These 192 pavilions feature unique narratives from each corner of the globe. In conclusion, each pavilion is a little piece of the country it represents.


4) Solutions for a better future:

” Connecting minds and creating the future” is the theme around which the whole expo is based. This expo gives you a platform to meet and connect with people from around the world. You get an opportunity to have healthy interactions with people from different backgrounds. These interactions can lead to ideas that can irradiate the problems that society as a whole is facing today. Therefore it can contribute to building a better future which can help humanity in sustaining the resources of mother earth.

5)Business opportunities

From a business point of view, the expo 2020 is a good opportunity for individuals and organizations for expansion. The Dubai expo 2020 promises to be a gateway for all businesses into new markets. It gives you a unique opportunity to develop relationships with the millions of visitors who come at the expo. More than 80% of visitors plan to conduct unique business programs and delegations. For instance, investment forums, pitching sessions and inspirational talks are just a few of the business events expected at the expo.

6) An Opportunity for the youth:

As the youth are the nucleus of the bright future this Expo strives to build. Therefore, many programs will be focused on youth development during the Expo. For instance, programs like The Expo 2020 Academy have been planned for developing the skillsets of fresh graduates.  So it helps them become high caliber professionals capable of operating, and delivering mega-events. The young minds should certainly take advantage of the situation and make the most out of it. For it is them who will shape the future of this world.

7) Entertainment

Looking for some entertainment as well? You will find that in plenty at the Dubai Expo 2020. Firstly, there will be about 60 live performances on a daily basis. World-class artists from around the globe will be at the expo to liven up the event. In addition, the Expo will also feature festive celebrations for Diwali and Christmas. In conclusion, this global event will be loaded with concerts and shows that will live long in your memories.

8) Art and culture


The Expo is definitely the place to visit if you love art. There will be a variety of art installations across Dubai Expo 2020. Moreover, there are living canvases featuring the works of many local and international talents. You will also get to enjoy a variety of cultural shows from five different continents. These shows include events such as digital theatre and dance routines. In other words, the whole world is displaying its culture at the Expo 2020.

9) Food:

The Dubai Expo 2020 will be a heaven for those who love food. There are more than 200 outlets and 50 cuisines to choose from. There are cuisines to suit every pallet and budget. From old classics to new favorites, street bites to gourmet dishes, it has it all. Be sure to keep your calories in check when you head out on this food-venture.

10) Broaden your horizons:

The Expo 2020 promises to broaden your horizons. In other words, you will get exposure towards academics, tech pioneers and the other out of the box thinkers.  The expo is also a great place for kids. They can make their own robots in workshops and learn about 3d printed human organs or burn their energy via exercise gaming activities. Hence the expo seeks to encourage the spirit of curiosity, amazement, and fun in its young visitors.