With more than 29 impressive rides , shows and attractions, it is set to be one of the world’s largest indoor theme parks, when it opens next month on July 25th on Yas Island. Warner Bros. World is all set to bring together your favourite stories and characters , offering a super exciting day for you as well as your family.

There will also be a diverse set of restaurants and cafes from grab-and-go to full service sit down and retail offerings as well from which you can choose a souvenir of your choice.

We’re pretty pumped!! Are you? Get ready to be transported into the world of fantasy, adventure and action! There will be six immersive lands that will come together to create an unreal experience. Here’s all you need to know.

Warner Bros World in Abu Dhabi


This is a regal celebration of the Golden Age of Hollywood and of course, all things Warner. You can wander through the streets of the plaza and admire the magnificent architecture with your favourite characters to keep you company. You could also check out the Starlight Restaurant for some amazing food and Celebrity Scoop for some indulgent malts, milkshakes and sundaes.


As the name suggests, Bedrock takes you back to the stoneage. In the middle of this prehistoric town, it gives you the opportunity to come close up with the Cave families- The Flinstones and The Rubbles! If you’ve got a massive appetite, you could dig into the burgers or munchies that this place has to offer. They also have an exotic boutique selling all things Flinstones.


If you’re on the slightly wacky side, this desert landscape is your place to be as it is filled with thrilling escapades, antics and mad mishaps that is sure to keep you on your toes. You could take an energy spin in your very own spacecraft in the sky with Jetsons Orbiter or hop onto a fast ride to catch RoadRunner!


This whimsical town will definitely bring out your fun side! You can find everyone from Tom and Jerry to Scooby Doo to Daffy as well as Tweety in the midst of many mysteries.


CatWoman, The Joker, Batman, Gotham city has them all, operating in a legendary, brooding neighbourhood with an archaic skyline. It is filled with surprises.


Want to get into a face off with Justice League’s worst enemies or be transferred across the cosmos to extraordinary worlds in a flying theatre experience? Then make sure you check this out. You could even hone your skills to be the next Super Hero with Teen Titan’s Training Academy as you take on net climbs and rope bridges.


Depending on the level of thrill, most rides will be open to all, but some will have height restrictions.

Information about Warner Bros World tickets

If you want to buy your tickets in advance, they are now open. You’ll find the option of purchasing both daily admission tickets as well as annual passes on Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi official website. You could also leave your details to stay up to date on the latest news.

I guess that’s all you need to know! So book your tickets and get going already!