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Five fun things to do in Japan

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The Student’s Travel Guide to the UK!

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Over the past decade, e-sports has grown exponentially and has become a huge reason as to why so many young people today travel to certain parts of the world. Next year, many will gather in Shanghai, China to witness the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year, The International. The initial announcement was made on …

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eid al adha celebration

There are numerous ways in which you can spend your Eid Al Adha in UAE starting from visiting historical sights, spending time amidst nature or probably even doing something adventurous! Fireworks Display – a vital part of Eid Al Adha celebration We can’t think of a better way to end the day than to watch …

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Last September, Tourists, and Residents of Dubai will be able to enter the doors of a museum like no other. The Museum of Illusions has no art or relics of the past but rather, is filled with rooms to confuse the mind and leave visitors confused. For many, this will be the first time witnessing …

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japan must-visit

If there’s one country taking the lead when it comes to culture and innovation, it’s Japan. From its varied and popular cuisine to its art, fashion and music. The world just can’t seem to get enough of Japanese culture. So what kind of fun and bizarre things await you on such a small collection of …

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best locations in Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey’s capital city, is an iconic location in Europe. The city is rich in history and culture and boasts incredible, Instagram-worthy architecture. So to help you get your perfect snapshot in the city, here are five iconic Turkish locations in Istanbul you should visit! Best locations in Istanbul Hagia Sophia Built in 537AD, Hagia …

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With so many young people wishing to travel in between university semesters and before entering the working world, the UK is becoming an increasingly popular destination for young people to visit for its rich, historical preservation, multicultural cuisine and all kinds of shopping districts. So, for all of you travel-hungry students out there, here is …

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Dubai residents, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. If theatre is something you’ve always been fascinated about, you can now witness another genre of entertainment with the debut of La Perle. Created and produced by one the of the world’s renowned artistic directors, Franco Dragone, La Perle is brought together by the Al Habtoor Group …

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