The stage is almost set for “The World’s Greatest Show.”

The World Expo 2020 celebrates the UAE Vision 2021 by supporting the growth of tourism and stimulating innovative businesses. Since it is the first World Expo to be hosted by an Arab nation, no stones are left unturned, for the country to be established as an ideal destination for global business.

Meet historic eateries at Dubai World Expo 2020

Suffice to say that the event will be an opportunity for people from all over the world to come together and connect on different levels. You will experience the best in various fields, we bet. For artists, there will be art in many forms including dance, music, fine arts, architecture and more. For scientists and tech-savvies, there will be room for personal invention and innovation. And well, for the foodies, there will be food. Lots of food! From some of the most popular local eateries in the UAE and around the world.

Selected UAE-based cafés, restaurants and food trucks will be showcased at the Expo. TicketsToDo presents to you some of the popular home-grown restaurants that will be serving in the World Expo 2020, Dubai. The much-loved local restaurants and cafes will be among the 200-plus food and beverage outlets serving at the Expo. Here, millions of visitors will get a chance to taste more than 50 delicious cuisines from the UAE and around the world.

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Why Local Eateries?

The local food scene in the UAE is growing. With family recipes and traditional flavors, these eateries reflect a “vibrant melting pot of cultures.” Promoting these home-grown eateries will help highlight Dubai’s growing food scene, while also giving these renowned local brands an opportunity to earn a reputation for themselves on the international food scene.

Arabian Tea House Eatery

Arabian Tea House local eateries at world expo 2020

Arabian Tea House

One of the best Emirati Cuisine restaurants in Dubai since 1997, this Arabian Tea House eatery serves traditional Arabian Food. It boasts an extensive menu comprising Emirati breakfast trays, fattoush and halloumi salads, falafel wraps, family recipes and other Arabic delicacies.

Al Reef Bakery Eatery

Al Reef Bakery Eatery

Manakeesh, Pinterest

Another historical eatery, this Lebanese bakery is one of the oldest and serves an array of mouth-watering food. Their menu includes manakeesh (a traditional Lebanese bread loaded with lots of toppings), shawarma, croissants, sausages, other freshly baked goodies, meat samosas, pizzas, spring rolls, and traditional sweets. Also, don’t miss out on their Baqlawa and pastries.

The Irish Village Eatery

The Irish Village Eatery

Smoked Salmon, Pinterest

For their vibrant and friendly atmosphere full of characters, Irish Pubs are renowned all over the world. The Irish Village Dubai is no exception. Expo 2020 is going to welcome The Irish Village which will showcase authentic Irish food and traditional entertainment. From their freshly made soup of the day to smoked salmon for starters and steaks, burgers and many more in the main course, everything they serve is lip-smacking. There are also many options for vegetarians and vegans. Homemade apple pie, Bailey’s Cheesecake, Banoffi pie and so on would make amazing desserts. They also serve white and red wine and champagne.

Saj 2 Go Eatery

Saj 2 Go Eatery Dubai Expo 2020

Saj 2 Go

Another bakery serving Lebanese food, Saj 2 Go is famous for a type of baked bread that dates back centuries. They also serve amazing falafels, shawarma, salads, and the muhalabiyah custard along with their traditional saj, kaak, manakeesh and so on.

Dampa Seafood Grill Eatery

Dampa Seafood Grill Eatery Dubai Expo 2020

Shrimp in Cream Sauce, Pinterest

A Filipino hotspot for delicious seafood with enticing flavors, Dampa Seafood Grill is said to be one of the best in serving fresh seafood. From grilled squid to calamari to shrimp in different flavors, it is a must-try. They also serve baked mussels, clams, and cajun crabs.

Al Farwania Eatery

Al Farwania Eatery Dubai Expo 2020

Idli and Dosa, Pinterest

Al Farwania is an Indian Gem that has been serving its famous karak tea for three decades now. They also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner which include idli, dosa, biryani, grilled meats, parathas, Indian and Pakistani curries and many more along with Indo-Chinese dishes including rice and noodles. The vegetarians need not worry. They have plenty of vegetarian options too!

Firas Sweets Eatery

Firas Sweets Eatery Dubai Expo 2020

Firas Sweets

Renowned for its traditional Middle Eastern desert, kanafa, Firas Sweets makes homemade quality sweet treats with the highest quality ingredients. They offer a variety of products to cater to everyone’s tastes. You can taste their Baklava( the traditional Middle Eastern pastry), Ma’mul(the traditional Middle Eastern cookie) and Cream & Cheese-based sweets. These oriental sweets can also serve as perfect gifts for you to take back for your loved ones or to remember your visit to the World Expo 2020, Dubai.

Majlis Cafe Eatery

Majlis Cafe Eatery Dubai World Expo 2020

Camel Milk Coffee, Pinterest

From camel milk-based soap to chocolates made from camel milk, it’s all about camel milk this time. This café serves original beverages like coffee, shakes, hot chocolate as well as ice cream— all made from camel milk!

Doh Eatery

Doh Eatery Dubai World Expo 2020

The Doh Bucket

This coffee and doughnut specialist is the first Emirati business to serve hot and fresh mini doughnuts across the UAE. To spread fun and happiness, their mini treats come in unique and playful packaging called ‘The Doh Bucket.’ Their doughnuts come with different toppings like Nutella, sugar, cinnamon sugar, lotus biscuit, white chocolate, and pistachio.

Rogue Coffee Eatery

Rogue Coffee Eatery Dubai Expo 2020

Rogue Coffee

For the caffeine addicts who love the real Italian espresso quality and aroma, Rouge Coffee brews specialty coffee. With their emphasis on the right blends and correct methods, they serve the best depending on what you would like to indulge in. Furthermore, in addition to their traditional blend, they also serve single-origin blends from around the world such as Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia and so on. Their menu also features delicious bites made from organic ingredients including flatbreads, freshly made salads, baked pastries, and exclusive desserts.

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