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Wondering what your next destination is and what things to do once you get there? TicketsToDo is always here to recommend the best attractions and must-visit places. Traveling in a pandemic-stricken world is not an easy job. And as much as the globetrotters would like to travel every now and then, it is best to practice the safety measures. Being exposed to new places, people and cultures is important to develop a wider world view. From things to do in Dubai to the best restaurants in the United Arab Emirates, we’ve got you covered! Stay tuned for awesome travel stories and guides.

UAE attractions to visit during Ramadan

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10 amazing things to do at the Palm Jumeirah

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10 best beaches in Dubai: Travel guide to plan your tropical holiday

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UAE Ramadan attractions open

The Muslim holy month of fasting is going on and besides being a time for spiritual and mental rejuvenation, Ramadan is also a time of celebration. It is a time when families come together and connect with each other. While the hustle and bustle of the busy cities in the United Arab Emirates calm down …

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Ramadan UAE events

According to the Islamic Calendar, the holy month of Ramadan begins with the sighting of the new moon at Mecca, Saudi Arabia. In the United Arab Emirates, the sighting of the Ramadan crescent moon (hilal) was declared on the 13th of April,2021. This holy period lasts for a full lunar cycle and is dedicated by …

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Safe travel destinations for women travelers

Someone truly said jobs fill your pockets but travel and adventures fill your soul! Whether it is for wanderlust, for exploring new places, and getting to know new people and cultures, people travel for different reasons. Other things aside, we cannot agree on the fact that men and women may be equals when it comes …

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things to do in Palm Jumeirah

Dubai transformed into a thriving metropolis in just over two decades. Once a desert backwater port is now one of the most extravagant cities in the world. Dubai is fast winning the hearts of tourists and visitors with its towering skyscrapers, posh malls, amazing attractions, and more. A man-made archipelago— the iconic Palm Jumeirah is …

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best beaches in dubai

Dubai fits the cut as the best tropical holiday destination no matter what time of the year it is. The island is one of the 7 Emirates of the United Arab Emirates and is well known for its sandy beaches, sky-high scrapers, and superlative luxury. You’ll find some of the world’s best beaches in Dubai …

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Nightlife in Dubai

Forget the comparison of Dubai in the 90s’ vs. the 20s. Social Media is abuzz with transition videos of Dubai during the day vs. the night. When the sun is out, you will see Dubai basking in its rich culture and heritage, dominated by sky-piercing skyscrapers, innovative landmarks, unending shopping malls, and a number of …

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Free things to do in Dubai

It may be hard to believe that an extravagant city like Dubai may offer anything valuable without having to spend a few bucks. Sorry but we disagree to agree on that! The word “free” is so attractive. Especially for budget travelers, this is something they’re always looking forward to. If you are one of those …

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Things to do in Singapore

Singapore, a super happening city-state in the south-eastern part of Asia has been a thriving tourist spot for decades now and for all the right reasons. It’s not just about the lush hotels, fine dining, and luxurious shopping malls, there’s so much more to Singapore that you can explore. From solo trips to family vacations, …

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Are you planning on a trip to the stunning landscapes of Al Ain? Let us help you find everything you need to know and be your tour guide before you pack your bags. An amazing trip shouldn’t be tainted with stress and misinformation. TicketsToDo will help you discover new activities and even book tickets seamlessly …

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Al Quaa Milky Way spot

Back when there was no such thing as GPS, the only way sailors and travelers found their way back home was by following the stars. Wonder what the amusing hazy band of light seen in the night sky is? That’s our Milky Way galaxy a.k.a, The “River of Heaven”. For many people, a clear night …

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