The island nation of Singapore has some of the best beaches on the main and offshore islands. The country’s focus on cleanliness and creating more green spaces add to the beauty of the beaches. Although most beaches are man-made, each of them has a charm of its own. With the warm sand, cool breeze and gentle waves a day at the beach makes for a fun and relaxing time.

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Top 8 Beaches in Singapore

Changi Beach

Changi beachfront | best beaches

The Changi Beach is one of the oldest natural beaches in Singapore. With running and cycling lanes the beach park is popular among fitness enthusiasts. Families visit the beach over the weekends for a swim, BBQ and camping facilities are also available. Additionally you may even spot planes landing at the nearby Changi airport. You can also experience seafront dining at a bistro in the park and watch the rolling waves as you dine. Furthermore, go for a scenic stroll in the early morning and catch an amazing scene of the sunrise.

Tanjong Beach

Tanjong beach club

P.C. Sentosa

Located in the Sentosa Island, the Tanjong beach is among the best beaches for a relaxing time during the day. This crescent shaped beach is sheltered with shallow waters, palm trees and the famous Tanjong Beach Club. The club is known for its special events, parties, delicious bites and extensive drink menu. Nearby popular attractions include Universal Studios Singapore, Madame Tussauds and Sentosa 4D Adventureland.

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Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach | best beaches

Found on the south-western coast of Sentosa, the Siloso beach is a popular picnic spot for families. It is known for beach volleyball, football and other sports activities. Apart from this it also you may go skim boarding, biking, rollerblading and canoeing. Several bars and restaurants are found along the beach. You can dine and shop along the beach front and have a fun day with your family and friends.

Lazarus Beach

Lazarus Island

The Lazarus beach is among the 8 small islands that make up the “Southern Islands of Singapore.” In order to get there, take a ferry from Marina South Pier to St. John’s Island. Walk along the 100m paved causeway that connects the island to the beach. Being one of the hidden beaches, you can visit this place and enjoy the white sand, palm trees and jungle all to your self.

Palawan Beach

Palawan beach

The Palawan beach lies in the center of southern coast of Sentosa. Well known for its suspension bridge, the bridge leads you to an islet that is said to be Asia’s closest point to the Equator. Also visit to indulge in the lively beach bars offering good food and beverage options. Moreover visit popular attractions like KidZania, MOSH! and the Port of Lost Wonder which are all located in the beach. Furthermore there are a number of water sports and activities that you can enjoy. Take a banana boat or try your hands at kayaking, jet pack or paddle boarding. If you are not up for the thrill and adrenaline rush, relax by the calming water of the beach.

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East Coast Beach

East Coast Beach

Located in the main island the East Coast beach offers all the elements of fun. A sandy beach for kids and adults to enjoy and sea sports that provides more opportunities to enjoy the water. Along with that visitors can also fish at the Bedok Jetty. Also the East Coast restaurants serve up the best barbeque food that you will relish with your family. Arrange for some camping by the beach to soak in the atmosphere and be closer to the beach. Definitely the kids are sure to have an amazing and fun filled holiday experience while visiting this beach.

Punggol Beach

Punggol beach | best beaches

Punggol beach/point is a national heritage site in Singapore as the Sook Ching massacre took place here. The unique placement of big rocks over the sand in Punggol, makes it an artistic and beautiful place. The beach is ideal for photographic views and a stroll while enjoying a pleasant and scenic view. The Punggol point Park is famous for its tracks, cycling trails and the delightful sight of a pond of lilies. The Ranch is an excellent place for children to interact and feed the ponies residing there. Subsequently, take a carriage ride and have a magical experience with your family.

Kusu Island Beach

Kusu island beach | best beaches

Have a chill day at the Kusu island beach amidst the crystal clear waters and pristine white sand. Set up a picnic spot or go swimming and snorkeling in the waters. Visit the Kusu Island temple to pray and make a wish by the lotus shaped wishing well. Do not miss the tortoise sanctuary and have fun spotting the different display of tortoises. 

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Our list of the best beaches in Singapore ends here, but there are tons of places to explore in this beautiful clean, green country. Take our help and get access to the best activities and attractions by booking your tickets with us. We provide the best prices and ensure you have a great holiday with us. If you love travelling you can also plan a solo escapade as Singapore is known for being one of the safest countries in the world. 

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