Singapore, an island surrounded by several other islets is one of the best destinations for travelers all around the world. Located about just 1 degree north of the equator, the country has a hot and humid climate all year round. If you’re scratching your head for planning the perfect trip, get one step ahead with the Singapore weather guide and pack your essentials accordingly! 

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Singapore Temperature: What to Expect

Singapore weather guide

MonthAverage Temp (Max)Average temperature (Min)
January87 degrees F/ 30 degrees C75 degrees F/ 24 degrees C
February89 degrees F/ 32 degrees C
76 degrees F/ 25 degrees C
March90 degrees F / 32 degrees C
76 degrees F/ 24 degrees C
April90 degrees F/32 degrees C
77 degrees F/ 25 degrees C
May90 degrees F/32 degrees C
79 degrees F/26 degrees C
June90 degrees F/32 degrees C
79 degrees F/26 degrees C
July88 degrees F/31 degrees C
77 degrees F/ 25 degrees C
August88 degrees F/31 degrees C
77 degrees F/ 25 degrees C
September88 degrees F/31 degrees C76 degrees F/ 25 degrees C
October89 degrees F/ 32 degrees C76 degrees F/ 25 degrees C
November88 degrees F/ 31 degrees C76 degrees F/ 25 degrees C
December86 degrees F/ 30 degrees C75 degrees F/ 24 degrees C

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Weather Trends of Singapore

Average temperature: 25 degrees Celsius-31 degrees Celsius

Relative Humidity: 70%-80%

Thunderstorms: 40% of all days in the year

Warmest month- May ( 32  degrees C)

Coolest Month- January (24 degrees C)

Wettest Month – December  (12.5 inches / 317.5 mm)

Singapore doesn’t have a distinct season coaster, at least not from visitors from the Temperate region. The climate can be divided into the dry season and the wet season. With the flash floods, lighting, and haze, the high temperature, humidity, and lack of wind are not to joke around. Staying hydrated and indoors are the number one priority! 

Fear not, with Singapore Weather Guide, you will be ready to brave the heat and rain, to witness the scenic beauty of this ever-welcoming country. Know about the seasons and trends, a little more about the safety checks, and reminders of what you should be packing for the trip!

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Dry Season in Singapore

Months: March to August

The only reason, a dry season is nominated is because the months of March to August experience a little less rain than the rest of the year. During Mid-may or August, the air quality is heavily impacted due to the haze blowing from the forests. 

Though it is not the most ideal time to visit Singapore, the beauty of blue clear skies may just win you over. 

Things to pack:

  • Sunscreens
  • Umbrella (for shade and occasional drizzle)
  • Lightweight clothes

Rainy Season in Singapore

Months: September to February. 

Heavy rains are generally expected. Take your time to explore the shopping malls, museums, and other indoor attractions. You can have a walk in the park or do a little sightseeing during the evening. 

Ensure you pack:

  • Monsoon essentials
  • Because of the humidity, stick to just an umbrella though, as raincoats can generally make you uncomfortable.
  • Waterproof travel bags and clothes.

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Weather Safety Tips

Singapore weather guide

Flash Floods

Wettest Months: November, December, and January

Average rainfall: 10.1, 12.5, and 9.23 inches respectively.

Singapore’s drainage system is as efficient as drainage systems can get. Even so, the heavy rain and high tides cause floods in the low-lying areas. Don’t worry, it is temporary and the drainage systems get it to the sea in under an hour! 

Lighting strikes

Most observed: April, May, October, and November

Lightning strikes are actually a health hazard for individuals in Singapore. The heat and humidity make it the perfect lightning ground. Worrying about the thunder, this Singapore Weather guide has the solution:

  • Avoid open spaces in the afternoon, which are the peak hours for lightning strikes.
  • As soon as you hear thunder, take shelter and stay undercover for at least 30 mins. 

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What to pack for your trip? 

Reading about everything that happens in Singapore, we are sure you are thinking way too much about what to pack. We have made a Singapore weather guide checklist to help you out: 

  • Lightweight Clothes
  • Waterproof jackets
  • Umbrella
  • No raincoats (the humidity will make you curse it!)
  • Sunscreen (if you want to go sightseeing)
  • Light jackets (if you want to stay indoors in AC for an extended amount of time)

Now, you are all ready and prepped to visit the beautiful land of Singapore. Remember to plan ahead and create memories with your loved ones! If you are planning to travel anytime soon, you can avoid the hassle of standing in queues by booking your tickets from Apply the promo codes and coupon codes to avail of special discounts on the tickets.

We hope this Singapore weather guide has been helpful and you feel more prepared for your upcoming trip. Remember to pack the right clothes, stay safe during thunderstorms, and enjoy all that our sunny island has to offer! Do you have any other questions about what Singapore’s weather is like? If so, please leave them in the comments below or keep in touch with us on [email protected] and follow us on our Social Media channels to share your experience.