Dive into the depths of the South East Asian Seas without getting wet! Sounds impossible? Not quite! With over 100,000 marine animals, coral reefs, and aquatic plants, the SEA Aquarium, Singapore brings the ocean right in front of you. At the Aquarium in Sentosa, you can experience the underwater habitats of animals and plants in all their glory.

From 2012- 2014 the Sentosa Aquarium claimed the title to the largest oceanarium in the world until taken over by the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, Hengqin, China. Even today, the Aquarium is a popular tourist attraction in Singapore that celebrates the variety of Southeast Asian ocean life.

S.E.A Aquarium Information Guide

Location: Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore
Area: 8- hectare
Opening Hours: S.E.A. Aquarium remains open from 10 am to 5 pm, every Monday & Tuesday and 9 am to 5 pm, every Saturday & Sunday.
Best Time to Visit: Early mornings on weekdays when the oceanarium is not crowded 

What You Must Know Before Visiting S.E.A Aquarium


The SEA Aquarium and the Adventure Cove Waterpark are the two main attractions at Marine Life Park, Singapore. The museum mirrors the marine life in the waters of South East Asia. Each space is inspired by a real natural habitat for the underwater animals and plants that reside within it. There are 10 zones with 49 natural habitats to be exact. The Aquarium also pioneers a conservation program known as guardians of the SEAA in support of research education and public engagement to protect the marine environment.

Here is a list of the Main Attractions at SEA Aquarium

SEA Attraction Underwater Experience Sea creatures to Watch out for
Strait of Karimata and Java SeaThis is a part of the shipwreck habitat which can be stimulated to sink underneath the Strait of Karimata, Indonesia. and features Marine fishes from the South East Asian Ocean life such as Napolean wrasse, pompano, and batfish.
Shark SeasGreet a variety of shark species from all over the ocean world. The biggest coast shark- Sandbar shark, Silvertip shark
Ocean JourneyCome face-to-face with your friends of the ocean, the Indo-pacific dolphins. Watch out for some may even smile back at you. Bottle-nose dolphins, giant spiders, and jellyfish
South China SeaSEA Aquarium in the South China Sea offers a view of magnificent lobsters, eels, squirrelfish and more. Lionfish and moray eels
Persian Gulf and Arabian SeaThe best marine creatures from Persian waters and the Arabian sea in their natural habitat that consists of a soft coral reef. Blue-spotted stingrays, sally lightfoot crab, and seastars with eight arms!
Open OceanThe open ocean at the SEA Aquarium keeps large and graceful animals of the ocean

Leopard sharks and manta rays
East AfricaThis attraction mimicks the freshwater lakes of Africa, lake Tanganyika and lake Victoria and creates a home for the freshwater animals of East Africa.African tigerfish and the freshwater frontosa
Red SeaFeatures a coral bed where many warm water animals and fishes reside.The longhorn cowfish, fairy basslet, orange-lined triggerfish
Strait of Malacca and Andaman SeaShowcases the marine life of the Andamans and also hold the Discovery Touch Pool Leopard wrasse, sea stars, sea cucumbers
Bay of Bengal and Laccadive SeaExperience the underwater life of the Bay of Bengal while being informed about endangered plants and animals of the sea. Reef lobsters, garden eels, clownfish

Dive Into An Immersive Underwater Adventure

Sea aquariumSea aquariumSea aquariumsingapore aquarium

Right next to the SEA Aquarium is the The Adventure Cove Waterpark. This is a paradise for people that love a little adrenaline rush. There are many rides and sensory activities in store for visitors.Here are some adventurous activities that you can enjoy: 

  •  Snorkel among colorful corals and fishes at the Rainbow reef 
  • Encounter a manta ray up-close and personal
  • Enjoy the thrill of water slides such as the Whirlpool Washout and Tidal Twister
  • Have some fun with your kids by floating down the Adventure River or playing at the Big Bucket Tree-house

How long does it take to see the sea aquarium?

 On any normal day, it takes approximately 2 hours to see all the attractions at the sea aquarium. The time may also depend upon the following factors: 

  • Size of the group 
  • The crowd at the Sea Aquarium 
  • The time you spend at each attraction 

How big is SEA Aquarium Singapore? 

marine life Singaporeaquarium

The aquarium covers a total area of 8-hectares (20 acres). It used to hold the title as the largest oceanarium in the world until 2014. The title was taken over by the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. The South-East Asia Aquarium boasts a total water volume of 45,000,000 liters and contains 100,000 marine life over 800 species. The centerpiece is the Open Ocean Tank which alone holds 50,000 animals.

Which station is the nearest to SEA Aquarium?

marine life SingaporeMarine life Singapore

The HarbourFront MRT station is the nearest station to S.E.A Aquarium. There are 3 options to reach the Aquarium from this station: 

  • Sentosa Express (monorail): This is the quickest option to reach the aquarium 
  • Walking: Walking to SEA Aquarium can be fun for those that love to stop by for photographs 
  • Cablecar: A slow and scenic ride across Sentosa Island to the aquarium 

How to reach the Aquarium by Car?

If you plan to reach by car, you can drive from the MRT Waterfront Station to the Merlion Statue. Cross the bridge and arrive at the Maritime Experiential Museum, where the S.E.A Aquarium is located. Stick to the left and keep driving on the Sentosa Gateway to arrive at the Resorts World Sentosa Car Park.

What should you wear to the SEA Aquarium Singapore?  

Dolphin aquarium

Here are some tips on what to wear to the SEA Aquarium, Sentosa

  • Comfortable shoes are a must while touring the aquarium 
  • Wear light and breezy fabrics such as linen and cotton to combat the humid weather 
  • A sunhat might come in handy when you are outside in Sentosa 
  • When visiting the SEA Aquarium with a child below 4, parents are advised to bring their own strollers  

Dining and Shopping 

There are many hotels and dining options available at SEA Aquarium. You can make your hotel bookings and dinner reservations in advance. There are also many restaurants around the SEA Aquarium such as the Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora. You will also find a souvenir shop at the exit of the aquarium. 

The Sea Aquarium Spring Festival

Spring Festival Singapore

The S.E.A Aquarium Singapore is hosting the Spring in the Sea Festival from 9th January to 2nd March. It is the perfect way to welcome the new year. You can experience the best of the marine world, participate in games, and learn about good luck fishes!

Here’s what is in store for the visitor at SEA Aquarium during this time

manta ray

  • A Treasure Hunt: Hunting for Pokemons is so 2020! For the new year, you can look for hidden gold ingots through the trail of fortune. Take pictures with your find and win prizes! But stay alert! Your hunt might lead you to actual treasures of the sea like the cowfish and the koi.
  • Meet a Sea Dragon: The sea dragon installation at the SEA Aquarium Spring festival will leave you awestruck. Don’t be too afraid though! Strike a pose with the magnificent creature and freeze the fantasy moment for a lifetime.
  • Decorate a Dragon: If you love some DIY Activity, you can join hands in manifesting prosperity for 2021 by decorating the sea dragon mural with artistic scales.


There SEA Aquarium Singapore is an attraction that you will remember for a lifetime. Even though it is no longer the biggest aquarium in the world, the experience at Sentosa is immersive, fun, and truly one-of-a-kind. So if you’re planning to head to the Spring festival right away, get your tickets on TicketsToDo.