The architectural wonders of Dubai are one of the reasons why travel and tourism are so popular. Dubai has a rich collection of buildings and structures of various architectural designs. It has modern, tall skyscrapers and the most impressive skyline in the world. Additionally, visitors can marvel at the beautiful Arabic architecture. Dubai is a travel paradise for tourists, shoppers, and a lot more.

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1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa Tickets

The tallest structure and building in the world is the Burj Khalifa. Towering at a height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft.) with over 160 floors it is an architectural wonder in Dubai. Importantly, the Burj Khalifa uses the bundled tube design, which profoundly impacts the design of tall buildings. Experience fine dining at At.Mosphere, which is the highest restaurant in the world. Witness an amazing view from the observatory deck, At the Top on the 124th floor. Undoubtedly, the Burj Khalifa is iconic and is a popular attraction among tourists.

2. Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab Tickets

The Burj Al Arab is a luxury hotel that stands on an artificial island from Jumeirah Beach. The structure resembles the sail of a ship and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. This place includes a fine range of dining restaurants, incredible beaches, and The Burj Al Arab terrace. Besides that, the hotel also has a helicopter service. Many events like David Guetta performing a Dj set Live-stream were held on the helipad. Undoubtedly, you will experience luxury at its finest in this five-star hotel.

3. Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame Tickets

The largest frame in the world, the Dubai Frame serves as a building, monument, and observatory. The positioning of the architectural design is in a way that modern landmarks of Dubai and Old Dubai can be viewed on either side. Dubai Frame’s rectangular design was inspired by the ‘golden ratio’ of 1.618, which many architects believe forms an ideal structural balance. Furthermore, the elevator to the Sky deck also carries visitors to 48 floors in 75 seconds!

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4. Palm Jumeirah

Dolphin Bay at The Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah

The View At Palm Jumeirah Tickets

The Palm Jumeirah is an archipelago of artificial islands in the shape of a palm tree. Several hotels and resorts are located in this architectural wonder in Dubai. Above all, The Atlantis The Palm in Dubai is popular as it is the epicenter for fun and adventure. The Atlantis is a five-star hotel and home to celebrity chef restaurants. There are a ton of activities for visitors to explore here. From water parks and wildlife to beaches and delectable dishes. Get yourself Dolphin Bay Atlantis tickets to have a fun-filled day amidst sea creatures with your family.

5. The Museum of The Future

Museum of The Future

Museum of The Future Tickets

The Museum of The Future is an architectural sensation. Not only does the exhibition space showcase innovative designs but also future ideologies. Uniquely, the exterior of the building has windows that form an Arabic poem. The torus-shaped shell is made out of stainless steel and consists of 1,024 pieces manufactured by a specialized robot-assisted process. The circular building represents humanity whereas the green mound it sits on represents the earth. In addition, the void represents the unknown future. This iconic structure has 7 floors each dedicated to different exhibitions. As a result, learn and explore the exhibits with your family and friends.

6. The Dubai Mall

Dubai Aquarium at the Dubai Mall

Dubai Aquarium Tickets 

The Dubai Mall is one of the largest malls for shopping, entertainment, and leisure. Among many others, the attractions in the mall include Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, a VR Park, and Kidzania. The Dubai Aquarium showcases more than 300 species of marine animals, sharks, and rays. Also, the VR Park features an array of games and rides. In addition to this, Kidzania is an interactive edutainment theme park where children can learn and have fun at the same time. Without a doubt, the architectural design of Dubai Mall makes it the most visited retail and lifestyle destination in the world.

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7. Dubai Marina 

Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city built along the Persian Gulf shoreline. Not to mention, 120,000 people are to be accommodated in the residential towers and villas. Especially, people visiting the Dubai Marina can use the Xline zip line which is the longest urban zipline in the world. Along with enjoying the zip line, witness the amazing view of the Dubai Marina, the twisted Cayan Tower, and the Princess tower.

8. Cayan Tower   

Cayan Tower

Cayan Tower earlier called the Infinity Tower is a 75-story skyscraper in Dubai. Particularly, this is a residential space with an amazing architectural style. Firstly, the twisted nature, makes it one of the world’s tallest high-rise buildings with a twist of 90 degrees. Secondly, the architectural design was achieved by rotating each floor by 1.2 degrees around a cylindrical elevator and core. Thirdly, the rooms are designed such, that they wouldn’t be affected by direct sunlight. Lastly, the lack of balcony space ensures enclosure and passive solar shading. The Cayan Tower is one of the architectural wonders in Dubai.

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You are never too far from an amazing view in Dubai. Overall, Dubai has so much more to explore than what keeps visitors drawn to this beautiful city. At TicketsToDo we have handpicked tours and attractions that ensure you have the best of experiences in places all around the world.