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Have “snow” much fun at Ski Dubai

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Speed into the exciting Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

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Dubai Kite Festival 2020: Are you ready to fly?

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ski dubai

Just because it does not snow outside in the UAE does not mean you will never have an opportunity to experience what snow feels like. The feel of the cold, white snow, creating your own snowman topped with sliding down slopes could be one of the most enjoyable things to do. TicketsToDo presents to you …

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la perle dubai

There’s no doubt about Dubai being the epitome of technological and infrastructural advancement. Through innovations that continue to amaze the world, the city has gained quite a reputation. From hosting a number of entertaining and recreational events like The Dubai Shopping Festival and The World Expo 2020 among many to being home to some of …

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2020 brings us one of the most anticipated events in Dubai in many years – World Expo 2020. This fall, millions of people will come to Dubai for one of the most fascinating shows in the world. One thing we can be sure of – there will be a lot of emotions, entertainment, and unforgettable …

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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

From producing the top sports cars in the world to having a team in Formula 1 racing and amusement parks with their theme, Ferrari is definitely one of the giants in the supercar market. Ferrari World, Ferrari’s largest themed amusement park at Abu Dhabi is sure to amuse you with all its themed rides and …

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kite festival dubai

Kite festival returns for its 9th edition. The only thing Dubai seems to be doing is soaring above and beyond with technological innovations, infrastructural progress and countless festivals and events. After the commencement of the Lego Festival, is yet another grand festival awaiting to fill the city with cheer and amusement – The Kite Festival of …

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Lego Festival 2020 Dubai

One for the builders, the Middle East’s largest Lego event is coming to Dubai Festival City Mall this month! Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Dubai Shopping Festival, the Lego Festival in Dubai allows you to get your hands on more than a million bricks with which you can create anything. The Lego Festival, known …

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rashid and latifa expo 2020

Right after the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup, World Expo is the third- most important and influential event in the world. Just like the other grand events, Dubai World Expo 2020 has relevant mascots to represent the theme and ideas behind “the world’s greatest show.” Dubai is already considered to be a city …

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souvenirs from dubai world expo

The World Expo 2020 is supposedly going to be “The World’s Greatest Show,” and the world’s greatest show would definitely have some pretty interesting souvenirs to bring back too, don’t you think? The largest event to be held in the Arab World will run for six months, starting from October 20, 2020, to April 10, …

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New Year's Eve

Just like the Taj Mahal of India and the Pyramids of Egypt, Burj Khalifa is an iconic symbol of the UAE. The good news is that it is turning 10 on January 4, 2020, and splendid celebration awaits. You most likely did not miss out on Burj Khalifa’s signature New Year fireworks, but if you …

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