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Wire World's Accrobranche Junior - Kite Beach

1-Layer rope course with 8 obstacles perfect for introduction of climbing and trekking for kids!

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آخر تحديث 17th June 2020

  • No Cancellation
  • Fixed Date Ticket
  • 20-mins

  • Unique sports-oriented outdoor park, with fun-packed and action-filled activities, full of excitement and adventure for the entire family.
  • Located right on the white sands of Kite Beach in Dubai
  • Visit us for an unforgettable outdoor adventure.
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What To Expect

Bring out your inner climbing enthusiast!

Every adventure requires a first step and if adventures are full of fun and safety, neither kids will be afraid to try and learn nor parents will hesitate to allow them. This is indeed a great introduction to climbing and trekking! This low rope course will bring out their inner climbing enthusiast and help spark a life long appreciation of adventure sports. 

Kids game at its best!

Our Accrobranche Junior is designed to enable kids to enjoy as much as their older brothers, sisters and parents on outdoor activities. Every bit of our Accrobranche Junior is as exciting and riveting as the parents experience on Swinging Tarzan!

Giant caterpillar nets, bridges, ropes and barrels to climb across! Kids games at its best! Parents can cheer-on and support their young trekker. The Accrobranche Junior utilizes a continuous belay device enabling Kids to just “Clip and Trek” with approximately 10 feet above the ground, our Accrobranche Junior can provide tremendous excitement and adventure in a safe controlled environment.

What to expect

معلومات النشاط

التأكيد :

  • Confirmation email will be sent to you once the booking is done.
  • Make sure to check your Spam folder if you haven't received an email from us. You can also notify us via email.

نصائح من الداخل:

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معلومة اضافية:


  •  Follow instructions from Wire World Adventure Parks staff.
  • Do not just adjust your equipment. If you are experiencing any difficulty notify a staff who will assist you.
  • Do not place your hands on the safety line.
  • Do not interfere with other participants while on the course.
  • Only one user per obstacle at a time.
  • Maximum two users on a platform at a time.
  • In case of difficulty, remain calm and call for help.
  • Wire World Adventure Parks reserves the right to refuse entry or expel customers who are deemed a health and safety concern.


IMPORTANT: If the ride is closed in case of maintenance or other unexpected events, Wire World reserves the right to strictly implement "No Return, No Exchange" policy. Thus, the rescheduling of the ticket will be offered to the guest.

تعرف قبل أن تذهب:

IMPORTANT: Wear appropriate sports attire and closed shoes.


  • Minimum Height - 1 m / 3.3 ft
  • Maximum Weight - 140 kg / 285 lbs
  • All participants must wear helmets
  • Suitable clothing must be worn, excessively loose clothing is not allowed.
  • Only closed shoes are allowed on the course
  • Hair should be tied back.
  • All loose items such as jewellery and mobile phones must be removed and pockets should be empty.
  • Should the safety equipment not fit the participant in an adequate manner, they will not be permitted to use the course.

كيف تستعمل:

  • You can present a printed ticket for this activity
  • The tickets is only valid during the period specified in the selected package


  • Kite Beach, Wire World Adventure Parks, Dubai

الأحكام والشروط:

Once activity is booked and confirmed, there'll be NO return, NO exchange, NO refund.

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