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Who wouldn’t love a splash in the water on a hot day? Everybody would, right? Waterparks are just the perfect place to have fun without any rules. Besides, there’s no reason why you can’t splash around with friends and family all day. The UAE is filled with such attractions for children and adults alike. Grab your swimsuits and head to these fun-filled places! From Atlantis Aquaventure to Yas Waterworld and many more, TicketsToDo offers tickets to these waterparks at the best prices. Also, head to the blog to know more about places to visit and things to do. We offer you the best travel guides and stories.

Abu Dhabi: Drive fast cars or travel back in time, here are 10 things to do in UAE capital

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Why Aquaventure is your next-best destination in 2021

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Your ultimate guide to all new things you need to do in Dubai

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benefits of swimming with dolphins

Do dolphins amuse you? If you haven’t been lucky enough to see one, well, you’re in luck! You can witness and even interact with the majestic species of bottlenosed dolphins. These highly intelligent marine mammals are super talented and quick learners to put on quite an amazing show. TicketsToDo presents to you Dubai Dolphinarium— the …

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things to do in Abu Dhabi

The last we know of the Ipsos City Index, Abu Dhabi reigned second among the world’s best. The capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was visited by 10.8 million tourists in 2019 from around the world. And, why not? The multi-cultural city offers new things for tourists and non-tourists alike. We have narrowed the …

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Atlantis Aquaventure attractions.

The year wrapped up with Aquaventure, Atlantis the Palm, winning the title of the best waterpark in the Middle East and the second-best in the world. Aquaventure waterpark in Dubai – what should you know about this attraction? But if you think that would be the end of it, then welcome to 2020, where Aquaventure …

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new things to see in Dubai

One of the world’s fastest-growing cities, Dubai, is always evolving, so there is no way you can have the same experience twice. With over millions of daily visitors, Dubai International Airport reached its peak this summer when 16 million passengers were spotted at DXB. The soaring temperature could not keep tourists at bay, and as …

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eid al adha celebration

There are numerous ways in which you can spend your Eid Al Adha in UAE starting from visiting historical sights, spending time amidst nature or probably even doing something adventurous! Fireworks Display – a vital part of Eid Al Adha celebration We can’t think of a better way to end the day than to watch …

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