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The COVID-19 pandemic ruined everybody’s plans of traveling in 2020. Instead of going places and doing interesting things, most of the year was spent in quarantine. However, just because you had to cancel out on your plans for this year doesn’t mean you won’t be able to ever travel again. It’s basically postponing your plans until times get better. So till then, all we can do is focus on the good parts of life and wait for things to settle down. Wondering how to spend time during quarantine? We bring you ways you can have fun at home and even travel to an extent. Mentally and virtually, of course! Once, traveling physically to places is on, you can book your tickets from TicketsToDo for the best prices online. Save big and have fun!

7 ways to deal with ‘not-being-able-to-travel’ blues

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ways to deal with the lack of travel

Once upon a time, everybody had plans of traveling and some even had their tickets booked way in advance. Sorry I’m not sugar-coating this but enter COVID-19, and all these plans turned into unrealistic dreams. On the brighter side, just because it hasn’t doesn’t mean it never will! You don’t have to totally cancel out …

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