Expo 2020 is called the world’s greatest show, and the pavilions are the pillars that support the event. Unique architecture, inspiring innovations, and immersive culture is bound to be discovered from the 192 participating countries along with international organizations and partners. Each pavilion has something great to offer and we chose ten of the Dubai Expo 2020 pavilion ranking to give you a glimpse of greatness. 

World Expo 2020 has already kicked off its opening ceremony on October 1, 2021, which is also the first one to be held in the Middle East and South Africa region. The six-month-long event is estimated to cost around $7 billion, with more than 23 million visitors who are seeking global solutions and whole-hearted entertainment.

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Dubai Expo pavilion ranking – understanding its significance

top countries in expo 2020

Image Courtesy: expo2020dubai.com

Expo 2020 is as special as it can be. With 192 countries, international organizations, mega-partners, and special themed pavilions featuring their core idea of “Opportunity, Sustainability, and Mobility”. Here’s the type of Dubai Expo pavilion ranking and the significance:

Country pavilions

This year, for the first time in Expo history they have invited each country to have its own pavilions – that’s 192 in total! With its own pavilion, the country can protect its unique immersive culture like never before. Expo 2020 best countries signify the uniqueness and heritage of their long history, and how it differs from the other hundreds of pavilions.

Partner Pavilions

Expo 2020 is a hub of international partners, who are very vital for the success of the event. To name a few of the big shots, we have PepsiCo, Emirates, DEWA, DP World, and much more. Dubai Expo 2020 pavilion ranking includes DEWA Pavilion featuring sustainability and DP World, Emirates, and ENOC pavilions featuring sustainability. 

Organization Pavilions

International organizations and civil societies have been playing a major role in solving global issues and challenges. The organization’s pavilions give you exposure and knowledge about the challenges one is facing on a global level. If you want to discover some of the top countries in expo 2020, visit the African Union Pavilion, Dubai Cares Pavilion, World Expo Museum Pavilion, and many more. 

Special Pavilions

The special pavilions are expo-owned pavilions that take you on a ride of education and entertainment! Get to know the significance of the themes of “Opportunity, Sustainability, and Mobility”. Have a look at the Mission Possible Pavilion, the Good Place Pavilion, the Women’s Pavilion, and many more. 

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10 best countries in Expo 2020 you need to visit

10. ENOC pavilion: “Reimagine Energy”

ENOC pavilion

Image Courtesy: expo2020dubai.com

Emirates National Oil Company Limited (ENOC) brings you an immersive story of humankind and energy! ENOC is a leading integrated energy company owned by the Government of Dubai. As the Official Integrated Energy Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, they aim to make sustainable development and opportunities for the future. 

Key features you shouldn’t miss out!:

  • Exploring the principles of energy as an atomic force
  • The audiovisual landscape portraying a 180-degree cinematic experience of the scale of energy
  • Join in on the Hive: Be a part of the discussion that shapes the future of energy for you and me. 
  • Location: Opportunity District

Fun Fact: ENOC comprises more than 30 subsidiaries and has a strong presence in more than 60 markets.

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9. Belgium Pavilion: “Diversity in Harmony”

dubai expo pavilion ranking

Image Courtesy: belexpo.be/en

When taking about the best countries in Expo 2020, it’s impossible not to mention Belgium Pavilions that bring forth the vision of a “smart, safe, and clean mobility future” in the year 2050. With a structure of a ‘green arch’ symbolizing the country’s emphasis on art and technology. With an area of 500 sq.m dedicated for you to witness the Belgian Mobility technologies and innovation. 

Key features:

  • Offering you the Belgian specialties with a brasserie and a kiosk. Get the authentic taste of Belgium
  • Rooftop Terrace and a lounge area for you to enjoy the beautiful views of the city. 
  • BE-Bizz: A fully equipped business center to organize any sort of event. It can house around 130 people in a theatre/auditorium arrangement, 160 people in a cocktail setting, and 100 people for seated dining. 
  • Location: Mobility District

8. Alif- The Mobility Pavilion: “Break down the divide between physical and digital worlds”

dubai expo 2020 pavilion ranking

Image Courtesy: expo2020dubai.com

An idea to leap into the future is conveyed by the Alif-The Mobility Pavilion. Alif is designed by the award-winning Foster and partners, giving you the larger-than-life experiences of the true mobility giants. The fun part: you can build your own robot or design a spaceship!

Key features you should check out:

  • The World’s largest passenger lift that can transport 160 people at a time. 
  • A partly open-air 330-meter track, that gives you the view of the cutting edge mobility devices in action. 
  • Catch a glimpse of a truly smart city powered by artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, machine learning, and autonomous transport.
  • Location: Mobility District. 

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7. Jamaica: “Come to Jamaica! Jamaica make it move!”

dubai expo pavilion ranking

Image Courtesy: expo2020dubai.com

Jamaica pavilion is seventh in the Dubai Expo pavilion ranking, and brings you “The riddim that moves and connects the world”. Join in on the street party amidst shipping containers from around the world. Being not just the best but one of the coolest architecture in Expo 2020. You can experience the real taste of jamaica with that authentic cuisine and rhythm that calls you to dance. 

Witness how Jamaica moves the world not just with the rhythm but as a very important logistical connection. key features you should not miss: 

  • Know and taste Blue Mountain Coffee, which is the most expensive coffee in the world. 
  • The iconic musicians, artists, and producers of Jamaica at the Music Studio. 
  • Artwork inspired by Jamaica’s annual International Reggae Poster Contest on the shipping containers.
  • Location: Mobility District

6. Australia: “Explore a diverse land built on 60,000 years of innovation”

expo 2020 best countries

Image Courtesy: expo2020dubai.com

Australians come from everyone and settle down to live at the world’s lowest population density. With a theme inculcating the very same diversity and collaboration, the Australian Pavilion brings to you the possibilities they have witnessed in their history of 60,000 years of innovation. 

Key features you should not miss:

  • The 60,000 years of knowledge in astronomy: Learn about the world’s first astronomers to the precise measurement of stars, galaxies, and the universe.
  • Check out Australia’s emerging talent on stage, download the Australian Pavilion playlist or join crowd DJ and choose your own.
  • Useful Australia: Everyone knows about the animals and beaches but did you know about the Australian inventions? Wifi, pacemaker, cervical cancer vaccine, black box flight recorder, polymer banknote, and dual-flush toilet are their contribution.
  • Location: Mobility District

Fun fact: Did you know Australia is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world with the world’s largest ecosystem (Gaint barrier reef)?

5. Finland: “Nature and knowhow in a cool, secluded space”

best countries in expo 2020

Image Courtesy: expo2020dubai.com

The Finland Pavilion, also known as “Snow Cape” resembles an Arabic tent covered with snow. Symbolizing the natural beauty of the country along with their ideas of sustainable technology. Being one of the top countries in Expo 2020, known for the happiest people in the world, you can witness the innovation given its place for education, health, and well-being. 

Key features not to be missed:

  • A wooden ‘gorge’ carved into the pavilion’s center will provide a shaded retreat
  • The ‘Finnish Majlis’, serving as a meeting place to connect minds
  • Location: Mobility District

4. UAE Pavilion: The history of Emirati culture and achievements

Expo 2020 pavilion ranking

Image courtesy: Expo2020dubai.com

 The falcon-shaped pavilion signifies the history and achievements of the UAE as a global hub. Relaying the vision of the leaders for a future dedicated to a “peaceful and progressive society”. 

Key Features, you cannot miss:

  • This iconic structure totals to an area of 15,000 sqm (four-story-high)
  • The top floor is a wholly dedicated hospitality space
  • Beautiful exhibitions showcasing Emirati Culture and Achievements
  • Location: Opportunity District

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3. Netherlands Pavilion: “Sustainable solutions through out-of-the-box creativity”

top countries in expo 2020

Image Courtesy: expo2020dubai.com

The Netherlands is the world’s second-biggest exporter of rice, despite being a small country in comparison to others. Being a world leader in the front of sustainability, the Netherland pavilion brings to you, a cone-shaped farm that generates its own climate system for the miniature world. You read that right, the Netherland pavilion is third in the Dubai Expo 2020 pavilion ranking, and fully deserves it as it harvests its own water, food, and energy. 

Bringing forth the idea of sustainable solutions, that are out of the box! key features you should definitely not miss:

  • Sustainable solutions for harvesting food and water
  • Vertical Farming in the cone-shaped structure
  • The whole pavilion is built with locally sourced materials to decrease the carbon footprint.
  • Location: Sustainability district

2. Singapore Pavilion: Bringing a rainforest in the middle of a desert

best countries in dubai expo 2020

Image Courtesy: expo2020dubai.com

Did you know? Singapore is one of the only three city-states in the world, that is both a sustainable and liveable city, despite being compact. Staying true to the reputation as a City in a Garden, Singapore Pavilion brings you a three-dimensional green forest. The pavilion features a net-zero energy rainforest powered by a self-sustaining ecosystem. 

You can stroll across the 9-meter tall Garden clones or the immersive greenery landscape. Key features you should absolutely check out: 

  • Canopy walk
  • Verdant Garden Cones
  • Sky Market
  • Timings: 10:00 am to 10:00pm
  • Location: Sustainability District

1. China: the largest country pavilion

expo 2020 best pavilion

Image Courtesy: Expo2020dubai.com

Located in the Opportunity District, we have China’s impressive 4636 sqm pavilion. It is the largest pavilion in Expo 2020, as “a symbol of hope and a bright future”. The pavilion that wins the ranking of the top countries in Expo 2020 is shaped like a traditional Chinese lantern, showcasing both the history and culture with modern technology.  

Main key features you should note down:

  • 5G, AI, and smart travel
  • Chinese innovations at their finest
  • Dazzling light shows in the park.
  • Timing: 10:00 am-10:00pm

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The takeaway

The world’s greatest show awaits you! Make sure to visit the grand event that continues for the next 6 months. Book your tickets with TicketsToDo to avoid long queues and that extra hassle!