Things To Do In Venice

Visit Venice, a charming place famous for its calm atmosphere and unique setting on 118 small islands connected by pretty bridges. Known as the "floating city" or the "city of canals," Venice is rich in history, with landmarks like St. Mark’s Basilica and the famous Bridge of Sighs. It's a UNESCO World Heritage site, and besides its historic sites, you can enjoy activities like romantic gondola rides and exploring cozy squares and museums. Whether you're into culture or a romantic getaway, Venice has something for everyone. Choose your preferred activity from the top things to do in Venice and secure your tickets with us today.

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When Should You Visit Venice

When to visit Venice depends on your priorities. For pleasant weather and moderate crowds, spring or fall are ideal. If you want long days and warm sun, summer offers gondola rides and boat tours, though expect higher prices and larger crowds. Winter offers the most affordable vacation with the fewest tourists, a magical experience with festive decorations and the possibility of snow, but some attractions might be closed and the weather colder. Choose the season that best aligns with your preferences for a memorable Venetian adventure.

Traveling Tips

  • Enjoy free concerts and events held in squares and churches throughout the city.
  • Enjoy affordable and delicious meals by avoiding Piazza San Marco, and discovering gems like Pizzeria Antico Forno and i Tre Mercanti for a delightful culinary experience.
  • Experience the classic Venetian Aperitivo with an Aperol Spritz, best enjoyed during happy hours at local bacaros for budget-friendly snacks.
  • Save on coffee expenses by standing at the counter like locals, avoiding service charges and potential surcharges, and explore nearby islands like Burano and Murano via water bus.
  • Consider staying in the more budget-friendly Mestre on the mainland, just an 11-minute train ride from San Marco Manuzio station in Venice.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle as filling it up at public fountains will save you money and reduce plastic waste.