Things to do in Tokyo

One of the most advanced and touristic cities in the world, Tokyo boasts of exceptional levels of infrastructure and architectural elements. If you are planning a trip to Tokyo, then we have something amazing for you. We have prepared the best travel resource with the inputs of travel experts, which consists of all the best things to do in Tokyo that one should not miss. Read along to know more!

Top Attractions in Tokyo That Deserve Your Undivided Attention

To have the best beginning, start your trip by visiting the grand Imperial Palace that offers the best views of the city. However, from this point, you can head straight to the Edo Castle and the fabled Nijubashi Bridge, best known for the reflection and double-layered structure. If you are interested in museums and learning more about the elusive Japanese culture, Yayoi Kusama’s Museum is the place to consider, courtesy of the infinity room, and the slimmest possible architecture.

Moving on, you can head straight to the Sensoji Temple that flaunts an exotic shrine and features an excellent collection of paper goods, fabrics, kimonos, and whatnot. Another exceptional museum in Tokyo is the National Museum that shelters the credible works and versions of the Indian, Chinese, and Japanese art. Apart from that, there is also a museum of western art, followed by enchanting the Ghibli Museum.

Looking for More Interesting Places? We’ve Got Your Back!

If you are looking to unwind in a relaxing stroll, the Meiji Shrine is a perfect choice. Besides that, you can also consider visiting the Tokyo Skytree for experiencing the grandeur of this city. The structural elements involved here are exemplary, with the massive tripod base being an architectural wonder in itself. You can view the entire city by sitting in one of the many observation decks at this Tokyo tower.

If you are a budding chef, Kappabashi Street, packed with supplies, is the best place to be in. In addition to that, you can also stand and admire the innovative Shibuya Crossing, during your visit to this city of sheer brilliance.

Best Activities in Tokyo for Maximum Fun

If you want to indulge in selective sightseeing, Golden Gai and the array of bars make excellent choices. Besides bar hops, you can also indulge in cultural tours when in Tokyo. That said, if you are in the city, witnessing Sumo wrestlers at the Ryoguku Kokygikan is a must. 

Another addition to the extended list of activities would be to visit the Cat Café. This is a well-known joint where the endearing felines roam and will. Besides that, it is the ultimate ‘Kawaii’ architectural experience that steals the show. Lastly, if you are staying in some of the best hotels in Tokyo and looking to indulge in relentless shopping, consider the Ginza District and Tsukiji market for purchasing some of the best Japanese souvenirs.

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