Things to do in Amsterdam

Although the entire European continent is a haven for the globetrotters, Amsterdam is of special significance courtesy of its wide-network of entertainment venues, museums, and picturesque landscapes.

Moreover, Amsterdam city is the cultural hub of Europe with reliance on historic homes and the undying heritage. For all travelers who are about to visit Amsterdam soon, we have enlisted the best things to do in Amsterdam that cater to a diverse audience base, regardless of their ethnic preferences.

Top Attractions in Amsterdam That Can Woo Any Traveler

If you are interested in a day trip across the city, you must have a plan. The best way to start your Amsterdam trip is by heading straight towards the Van Gogh museum that features Avant-grade architecture and a diverse array of manuscripts.  A good thing about this city is the excellent connectivity offered by the public transport system, and it wouldn’t take you long to reach the national maritime museum; if you start from the Van Gogh’s.

Amsterdam is a land of museums with the Rembrandt House being one of the more popular ones. This Museum Het Rembrandthuis is a refurnished space, packed with artifacts of historical significance. Apart from that, you can consider visiting the Stedelijk Museum and other structures with cultural undertones to learn more about the Netherlands, in general.

Looking for More Interesting Attractions? Amsterdam has it for You!

In addition to the notable places mentioned above, you can always look for attractions under the open sky, in the form of the Amsterdam canal and even the Amsterdam zoo. The Amsterdam royal zoo dates back 175 years and wouldn’t take a lot of time to reach if you are already at the Nemo Science Museum, an attraction that is specially designed for the kids.

You can also indulge in selective shopping by taking a stroll in the museum of bags, a structure that flaunts the best possible collection of bags and purses and allows purchases.

Best Activities in Amsterdam That You Shouldn’t Miss Out Trying

Besides the sightseeing tours that span across the entire city, there are several fun-filled activities that you can try out when in Amsterdam. You can consider canal cruising at the Amsterdam canal or participate in one of the many permanent exhibitions that take place in select museums. Amsterdam has select locales that allow you to experience scenic boat tours.

You can also consider exploring the Dam Square and visit the New Church and the Madame Tussauds as a part of the sightseeing activity. If you are with family, you can always consider parks in Amsterdam to stroll around and unwind. Moreover, if you have eerie desires, visiting the Anne Frank House should be on your list of prior activities, considering the place keeps a record of all the heart-wrenching scenarios in and around Europe.

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