The biggest event of the decade is upon us. Are you excited to witness the grand event from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022? Get ready because the World Expo 2020 dates are almost at our doors! The theme “Connecting minds, Creating the Future” has created much excitement among participating countries too. Since Dubai is the host city for this global event, the UAE is ready to woo visitors with grand hospitality.  The host country will be showcasing three main pavilions. What’s exciting is that each of these UAE pavilions commemorates the three sub-themes of Dubai. If you don’t know yet, the themes are Mobility, Sustainability, and Opportunity. Here are some of the most innovative Expo 2020 pavilions.

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Themed Pavillions

sustainability pavilion

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The Mobility Pavilion

Foster +Partners will create the mobility-themed Expo 2020 pavilion. Now, they’ve made sure that the chosen design resonates with the theme. So, the structure will thicken and grow taller towards the top. Not just that, the building will also feature three structures that resemble the space. The best part of it all is the wrap-around roof which will offer a 360- viewing deck.

The Sustainability Pavilion

Grimshaw Architects’ design is selected for the Sustainability Pavilion.  They’ve designed a structure called Terra. So you can walk through a forest and dive into the oceans.  Besides that. visitors will get an insight into the corruption of sea life. An introspection into climate change makes this Pavilion worth looking forward to.

The Opportunity Pavilion

Bjarke Ingels is going to construct The Opportunity Pavilion. The architecture studio from Denmark has revealed a design with indoor and outdoor spaces. The center will feature an oasis landscape and a flat roof.

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Expo 2020 Pavilions worth Mentioning

There is a designated World Expo 2020 Pavilion for every country participating. Every country pavilion has a story to tell of its history, science, and culture. So, the architects have blended these ideas into their designs. Let’s look at some of the most innovative pavilions at Dubai Expo 2020.

MENA Pavilions

Oman Pavilion

must-visit pavilions expo 2020

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Oman is ready to spread the essence of it its Frankincense at the World Expo 2020. So, the focus of the Omani Pavilion will lie in its Frankincense tree. This tree is recognized as a connecting element between new and ancient civilizations. Also, the architectural style will be a reflection of the Islamic and Omani Traditional styles.

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North American Pavilions

USA Pavilion

North America pavilion

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Enter a realistic hyperloop at USA’s Expo 2020 Pavilion. You can locate it at the Opportunity district. As you enter the USA Pavilion,  you’ll be carried into a moving walkway. Don’t forget to appreciate the various exhibits of American culture. Along with that treat yourself to lip-smacking American food. The idea behind this futuristic design is to showcase a dynamic society full of opportunities.

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Canada Pavilion

canada pavilion

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The Canadian Pavilion will be highlighted at the Sustainability District. Moriyama and Teshima have designed this Expo 2020 pavilion. So, it will feature a wooden structure. That structure will take inspiration from the Canadian landscape and Middle Eastern styles. Also, the Canadian Pavilion aims to promote a better future with collaboration.

South American Expo 2020 Pavilions

Brazil Pavilion

brazil pavilion

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Brazil is well known for its mangrove forests and rivers. So, you can walk on water at the Brazilian Pavilion! Sounds unbelievable? Well, the genius of architecture makes it possible. The central square of this Pavilion will be filled with water. But, the trick lies in a tensile structure. It is that structure that will allow you to through the pavilion. This Brazilian Pavilion will be located in the Sustainability District. And it will pay homage to the mangrove forests and rivers of the country.

European Pavilions

Russia Pavilion Expo 2020

Russian Pavilion Expo 2020

Russian Pavilion Expo 2020- Picture Courtesy

The Russian Pavilion is definitely the highlight of the Mobility District. A riot of colors and structures defines this Expo 2020 pavilion. The design has been created by Tchoban SPEECH. And the design gives us a thought into our creative selves. So, the idea is to understand how creativity can drive the future. Not just that, It’s also going to showcase Russia’s food, culture, and souvenirs, along with an amazing night sky view.

France Pavilion Expo 2020

france pavilion

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The French have surpassed new heights of innovation with their design for World Expo 2020. The name has been kept “Pavilion of Light”. So, you can understand light as a medium of knowledge and creativity. The France Pavilion will be located in the Mobility District. You can also experience the rich French Art and Gastronomy when you’re there.

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