Are you one who’s always up for an adrenaline burst? Or are you fond of getting out there and testing your nerves while breaking out a sweat? Then this is an article made just for you.

Stay tuned as we take you through options of fulfilling your desert thrills. Going flying over the sand dunes in the middle of the desert or practicing those wild turns on a land rover? Ticketstodo presents a few desert sports you can try out in Dubai which will help you experience the desert and see its beauty to the fullest.

Nothing like trying your hand at these few desert sports, because you’ll have no regrets, and they’d make a great dinner time story once you get back home.

Desert Sports in Dubai for an Adrenaline Burst

Dubai Dune Bashing

Make sure you’ve strapped yourself in tight, as your Land cruiser will now turn into a roller coaster ride through the desert. Note: this is not for those with a weak stomach.Your instructor will drive you up and down the sand dunes where you might feel a bit dizzy. This might just be the most thrilling 15 minutes of your life as you are going to be blazing through at a crazy speed around some wide-open turns and slippery slopes, but there’s nothing to worry about because your instructor sure knows what they are doing. This ride is worth the view of the mesmerizing, vacant desert and its sea of sand which never ends.  If you are lucky, you get to watch a breathtaking sunset which is not something you would want to miss.

Dubai Dune Bashing

Credits: Flicker


You must have heard of snowboarding and waterboarding, but have you ever heard of sandboarding? Grab yourself a sand board and strap yourself in to ride the sand waves! You’ll have a guide take you to the top of a sand dune, and in no time at all, you will be speeding down an untamed dune. The real trick to sandboarding is learning to balance your weight – once you’ve got that under your belt you can try your hand at some tricks like back-flipping and ramping off smaller dunes. Keep in mind, you will be sliding down hot sand, so keep the jumps and turns minimal till you’ve mastered the art. This is not a sport for kids, as it can be a little tricky so make sure they take baby steps and have an adult with them to guide them around.

Quad Biking

A quad bike is a motorcycle with four wheels which are mostly used for off-road purposes. Experience the Arabian desert like none other, it’s all in your control as you and your bike zoom over the dunes to your heart’s content. Make sure you keep your helmet on and try not to take too many quick turns. Wear comfortable clothing, and sunglasses, so the sun won’t be too harsh on your eyes. Note: Children under the age of 12 are not allowed on the bikes alone without an adult supervision, so make sure you make arrangements so that your young ones can enjoy this experience too!

Quad biking in Dubai

Credits: Lama Tours

Dune Buggying

Dune Buggying is the scary big brother of a Quad bike, and it’s not for the faint-hearted as it’s a lot rougher. This ride will surely give you that thrill which literally takes your breath away. Bouncing up and down the dunes, where for a brief moment you might just feel like you are flying, and next zooming into a mound of sand. You are protected by a roll cage, so you don’t happen to fall out and get injured. There is usually an age limit for this ride, but it can be a bit unnerving as well so think twice before you hop on this mini-thriller.

Dune bugging in Dubai

Credits: Arabia Horizons Tour

Camel riding

What better way to explore the desert than on the back of the ‘ship of the desert’- a camel? Before you start your camel ride, across the desert make sure you are dressed right, so you don’t get sunburnt because the sun won’t go easy on you! There’s nothing like a stroll across the desert on the backs of these gentle giants who will carry you along the dunes, making you feel like you are in a movie scene in the middle of the desert. It’s best to end your day in the desert with a camel ride, so you can slowly take in the beauty of the desert and feel the temperature drop. It won’t be as hot in the end, so it’s an experience you can slowly enjoy.  This is your chance to get all the pictures you would like to take, especially if you were probably doing other aggressive sports as mentioned earlier! Don’t forget to get your camera with you so you can keep the memories of these sunsets alive.

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