This Summer You Are Going Up The Hill

Are you planning a holiday this summer to beat the Dubai heat? If yes, then India is a good solution to the heat problem. India may be a densely populated country but this time of the year it is blessed with a beautiful weather that one will crave for. The cool climate and serene environment will be the goals of the perfect summer getaways. Hill stations are the best place to shelter yourselves during the blistering heat. Below are our top suggestions that you must visit if you’re thinking of hill stations.

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1. Matheran

Matheran is a remarkable and cool hill station situated near Mumbai, Maharashtra. A pollution and noise free place which means it’s a guaranteed relaxing vacation away from the bustling city. It is also declared as an eco-sensitive region. While you’re there you ought to indulge in activities such as horse riding and bicycle rides. The hills and valleys in Matheran give it a unique charm, the lush greenery and lakes make it a perfect spot to spend your summer vacations.

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2. Coorg

Coorg is a hill station in Karnataka, this region is known as the Scotland Of India and is natively known as Kodagu. The lush green environment, valleys and numerous coffee plantations makes it the perfect location to spend your summer and get away from the heat. The wildlife and local cuisine make time spent at Coorg worthwhile and rememberable. So remember, if you want some spicy yet delicious food and serene views this is your place!

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3. Darjeeling

Darjeeling is one of the majestic hill stations in India, surrounded by emerald green tea plantations. The list of attractions in Darjeeling will leave you smiling ear to ear. The tea gardens, orchids, tall trees and trains with mini steam engines will make you feel as though you’re a part of an old film which is incredibly beautiful. Doesn’t this sound like a great way to spend your summer?

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4. Munnar
Munnar is a picturesque hill station that will never want you to leave. It stands at an altitude of 2695 meters and is surrounded by hills and bright green tea plantations. It is popular for its elephants, lakes, and waterfalls; and the weather there is always perfect and will definitely not make you think of the heat that you’re gladly missing. So, what are you waiting for… book your tickets for Kerala and experience this location.

5. Ooty

Ooty… the perfect holiday destination to get rid of the summer and everything that comes along with the heat. The location is covered in eucalyptus, pine trees, coffee, and tea plantations. It also enlists amazing attractions such as botanical gardens, St. Stephen’s church and the age old Nilgiri Mountain Railway. The weather at Ooty is pleasant and cool all throughout the year which means it does not just restrict this area for you to visit only during summer.

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6. Shimla

Shimla is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh with steep forested hillsides in every direction. The place offers a historic walking tour and is bustling with many tours huffing and puffing uphill. Mid July to mid September Shimla is incredibly pleasant and is also visited by the clouds, so much as to that, you can feel them while on your way up the hill. This fairytale-like place does exist, so pack your bags and book your tickets this summer. This will definitely take you to cloud 9.

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The lush green hills, majestic flora, and fauna will leave you speechless when you’re in Mussoorie. There are tourist spots that are very interesting and a must to visit like the Camel’s Back Road, Gun Hill and Lal Tibba. This place is the best excuse for you to beat the heat this summer. Don’t think twice, go ahead and plan that much-needed vacation.

SOURCE: Sybil Braganza

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