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Have you always been mesmerized by the twinkling night skies? It’s not uncommon to wonder what these beautiful night lights are. This is why stargazing has been a popular activity all over the world for ages now. The milky band of light in the sky seen from a really dark area is our galaxy, The Milky Way. Astronomers and also people, in general, have been observing it for a really long time now and still continue to do so. Stargazing is not possible from anywhere and everywhere on Earth. There are certain places from where you can certainly get a crystal clear view of the night sky. TicketsToDo brings to you the best stargazing spots in the UAE.

Al Quaa Desert Abu Dhabi: Best way to see the Milky Way

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Al Quaa Milky Way spot

Back when there was no such thing as GPS, the only way sailors and travelers found their way back home was by following the stars. Wonder what the amusing hazy band of light seen in the night sky is? That’s our Milky Way galaxy a.k.a, The “River of Heaven”. For many people, a clear night …

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al quaa desert

Explore the best stargazing sites in UAE and fall in love with nature as these destinations offer more than just a brilliantly lit night sky.

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