Post quarantine does not have to be all about going back to work. Now that lockdown restrictions have been lifted to a certain extent, it’s the perfect opportunity to make up for all the moments. So plan your trips and vacations in the best destinations in the Middle East. Here is a guide Al Ain a vacation paradise you need to explore!

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Al Ain

Al ain

Al Ain is an island oasis city in the UAE. It is located on the Eastern border with Oman. The city has a dramatic setting and is overlooked by the mountain Jebel Hafeet. This is the best attraction in the city and is one of the top locations that Al Ain boasts of. Al Ain is the best place for a nice family getaway. Furthermore, the city is easy to get around and has a nice collection of family-friendly tourist attractions. As a matter of fact, the city is the best place for travelers looking for a historic escape from the bustling life at work. Moreover, this is the only city in the country that has been inscribed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

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Best Attractions in Al Ain 

Al Ain’s Al-Jahili Fort

Al Ain fort

One of the most popular attractions in Al Ain is the Al Ain’s Al-Jahili Fort. This fortress dates back to 1891 and plays a very vital part in the history of the city. The monument is surrounded by a beautiful collection of gardens and hence is one of Al Ain’s best attractions. Moreover, the golden glory houses an exhibit of photographs. These are devoted to the life story of Wilfred Thesiger and his journey to the empty quarter in the 1940s. 

Al Ain Zoo for Kids

al ain zoo

The Al Ain Zoo is the largest in the UAE. So if you are visiting the city, the zoo is one such place you can’t miss out. The zoo houses a wide range of animals ranging from Arabian antelope, to lions, tigers, reptiles and more. Furthermore the zoo is very popular for its research and conservation of endangered species. The zoo further has its latest venture known as the Al Ain Safari which forms a family-friendly escape from city life. Visit it with your family and have a great time as you take a dive into nature and explore nature at its best. Get the tickets for Al Ain Zoo here. 

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Mountain Panoramas on the Summit of Jebel Hafeet

Mountain view from jebel hafeet

If you are a fan of good views and are a lover of panoramic clicks for your photo collection, this is the place to go. The mountain slopes of Jebel Hafeet rise from the edge of Al Ain. The summit which is at 1,240 meters from sea level is the second-highest peak in the UAE. Also, the distance between the city and the summit is 56 kilometers and the drive up here is just as good as the destination. The whole route has a number of viewpoints that offer beautiful scenic masterpieces for you to capture on your camera. So charge up for a journey with abundant beauty and incomparable scenes and make memories as beautiful as the views. 

Al Ain National Museum

al ain national museum

The Al Ain National Museum is the place that brings glory to the heritage, culture, and history of the UAE. The Archeological Section stores a wide range of artifact discoveries that can be dated back to the Bronze and Iron ages. Furthermore, the ethnographic section displays the daily life of the people of the region. The museum displays all about the cultures and traditions of the UAE including the traditional clothing as well as the world-famous Bedouin jewelry. Apart from all this, the best attraction are the exhibits from the Hill Archaeological park. The park features The Grand Hilli Tomb which has been unearthed and displayed at the site itself. 

Al Ain’s Public Gardens


Al Ain is popularly known as the Garden City and as a matter of fact, it lives up to its reputation. The city is abundant in lush green gardens which form a great atmosphere for those who truly want to chill. Furthermore, many of the gardens have been decorated with landscaping elements, night lights and fountains. These truly form the base of beauty and tranquility that these gardens aim to offer. Moreover, the joggers, children, the families on picnic bring the gardens alive and form a great place to rest your stresses and worries. 

Bounce Al Ain

bounce al ain

The Bounce Al Ain is the place for those who love a surge of Adrenaline. The Bounce comprises around 3000 square meters of interconnected adventure features and trampolines. While Bounce can be used as a training ground for acrobatics and more, the place is also a great place for some cool fun and games. So forget about work or stress and have a day of adventure and fun. Get the tickets here. 

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Qasr al Muwaiji

Qasr al Muaiji

The Qasr al Muwaiji is a mud brick fort that brings the Emirati fortification architecture to life. The fort was built in the early 20th century and was home to  Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan and his family from 1946 to 1966. Furthermore, the fort has a built-in museum which is completely dedicated to the history of the fort and the ruling Al Nahyan family. This is just the place for those who love architecture and want to take in the details of this Emirati masterpiece in its glory. 

Hili Fun City

Hili fun city

The Hilli Fun City is a great place for some fun and excitement for kids and small families. While the amusement park is not as grand, this still marks a great place for family time that can never be enough. The park has around 40 rides and is most popular for the retro vintage old fashioned treats as the carousel and dodgem cars.

Moreover, the Al Ain Ice lies adjacent to the Fun City. This Olympic size rink offers skating and a wide range of activities for children. 

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