The Sharing Fridge Campaign Embodies The Spirit Of Ramadan: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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Love, joy, and faith – That’s what Ramadan is all about. And that’s exactly what The Sharing Fridge Campaign in the UAE emulates. A community-driven initiative, this 2-year old campaign has spread like wildfire since it’s inception and it’s here to stay.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Sharing Fridge Campaign:

  1. This beautiful campaign involves residents of a community stocking the fridges with free food and water for the workers to take for Iftar.
  2. It’s a Dubai-based initiative, under the Emirates Red Crescent, that aims to spread the message of kindness and boost the concept of community-giving.
  3. The campaign was popularised by Aussie expat Sumayyah Sayed by starting a Facebook page. The Facebook page now has over 24,000 members and is constantly growing.
  4. Though the campaign was started to give the less fortunate access to free food and drinks during Ramadan, it is now a continuous movement.
  5. There are #SharingFridges all around the city, click here to find the closest one near you.
  6. The fridges are open 24/7, so you can always contribute. However, 8 am to 6 pm is the best time to share.
  7. You can donate everything from cooked meals to bottled water. Each fridge is emptied and filled up to 20 times a day – so your contribution really counts!
  8. Donation of “leftover” food is not encouraged. You should share food which you would eat yourself.

This is such a beautiful movement and we hope you join the members who are committed the cause. May your Ramadan be blessed and #MayOurFridgesBeForeverFull! Learn more & join the campaign here.





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