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Camp Nou Tours

Explore Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona's home stadium, Camp Nou, a must-see for football lovers. With 99,354 seats, it is also Europe's largest stadium. The historic facility opened in 1957 and has hosted several important international events, including the FIFA World Cup in 1982. Camp Nou tours are a great way to experience the history and the intense enthusiasm and commitment that FC Barcelona fans have for their club. Don't wait any longer; book your tickets today from TicketsToDo!

Children aged 0-3 can enter for free.

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Last Updated: 1st Dec 2023
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  • A legendary stadium and players experience: The tour includes visiting the players' tunnel, the changing room press, and the trophy room. You will also have the chance to walk out onto the pitch and take in the incredible views of Barcelona.
  • Museum of Legends: Visit Barcelona Museum to learn about the club's history. See trophies, jerseys, and memorabilia, and also see interactive exhibits that will teach you more about the club.
  • Audiovisual Marvels: Experience the most exciting moments in FC Barcelona's history with cutting-edge audiovisual technology. Feel like you're on the field with your favorite players as you relive legendary matches and iconic goals.
  • Panoramic Views: Get a unique perspective of Barcelona from the top of Camp Nou. Take amazing photos of the stadium and the city, and create memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Trophy Room Glory: Visit the Trophy Room at Camp Nou to see the many trophies that FC Barcelona has won over the years, as it  is a testament to the club's success and commitment to excellence.
  • Interactive Fun:  Play games and learn about football at Camp Nou. There are many activities for all ages, from penalty shootouts to virtual reality simulations. You can also take a tour of the stadium and visit the museum.
  • Camp Nou Megastore:  Visit the Camp Nou Megastore to buy FC Barcelona team apparel. You can find jerseys, hats, mugs, and other souvenirs to remember your trip.
  • Camp Nou Tours in Spain is an unforgettable experience for any football fan.

What To Expect

A Camp Nou tour is a must-visit, regardless of whether you are a football fan. In this 90-minute tour, you will visit the largest stadium in Europe, learn about the club's history, and experience what it's like to be a player on a match day. Your Camp Nou tour will start at the stadium's ticket office, where you will pick up your tickets and audio guide.  From there, you will be led to the tour starting point, which is usually located in the stadium's museum. Once you arrive at the starting point, your guide will give you a brief overview of the stadium and its history. Then, you will begin your tour, which will take you around the stadium, including the players' tunnel, the press box, the trophy room, and the pitch.

During your tour, you will have the opportunity to learn about Barcas history, as well as the many famous players who have played for the club. You will also get to see some of the most iconic moments in FC Barcelona's history, such as the time they won the European Cup in 1992. Your tour will end at the stadium's megastore, where you can buy souvenirs to remember your visit.

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Cancellation Policy:

  • Refunds and cancellations are not applicable for these tickets.

Insider Tips

  • If you're specifically interested in exploring the stadium and its facilities, it's recommended to visit on a non-match day. On match days, access to certain areas of the stadium may be restricted or limited due to preparations or ongoing events.
  • You'll be doing a lot of walking, so it's important to wear comfortable shoes. 
  • Bring a camera. You'll want to capture your memories of your visit to Camp Nou
  • If you opt for the Camp Nou Tour Plus, make use of the audio guide to enhance your understanding of the stadium's history and significance. It provides fascinating insights and stories about the club's heritage.
  • If you're visiting during the football season, check the FC Barcelona fixture list to see if there are any home matches coinciding with your visit. Attending a live match at Camp Nou is a unique and thrilling experience for football fans.

Know Before You Go

Operating Hours:

16 October - 31 Dec: 

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 am to 06:00 pm.
  • Sundays: 10:00 am to 03:00 pm.

Closed on the following dates:

  • January 1, 6 and December 25.

Most Ideal Season to Visit Spotify Camp Nou: 

Weekday Vs. Weekend:

  • Try to visit the landmark as soon as it opens in the morning. The best time to tour the stadium is during the workweek. Avoid going on weekends, during games, and limited hours. Some attractions, including the museum, close by 3 p.m. on game days. The stadium will be closed to guests during UEFA Champions League matches, so avoid going there.

Low Season vs. Peak Season:

  • Please note that the opening times for tours at Spotify Camp Nou may vary depending on the football season. The busiest period is typically from April to October, with long lines and potential restrictions on accessing attractions. To avoid crowds, visiting between November and March is recommended outside the peak tourist season in Barcelona (May to June). Additionally, avoiding visiting during holidays like Christmas and New Year's is best.

Entry & Services:

  • The tour lasts for about 90 minutes and Tickets can be purchased online or at the stadium.
  • The tour is open from 9am to 6pm, 7 days a week. However, it is closed on match days and on some public holidays.
  • There are a number of different ticket options available, including a combined ticket for the tour and the museum, a VIP tour, and a tour with a live guide.
  • Here are some additional details about the different ticket options:
  • Basic Tour: This is the most basic tour and includes a visit to the stadium, the museum, and the trophy room. It does not include a live guide or any additional activities.
  • Combined Tour: This ticket includes a visit to the stadium, the museum, and the trophy room, as well as a live guide. It is a great option if you want to learn more about the history of FC Barcelona and the Camp Nou.
  • VIP Tour: This tour is for the ultimate FC Barcelona fan. It includes a visit to the stadium, the museum, the trophy room, and a number of other exclusive areas, such as the press room and the players' tunnel. It also includes a personalized gift and a meet and greet with a former FC Barcelona player.
  • Tour with a Live Guide: This tour is a great option if you want to learn more about the history of FC Barcelona and the Camp Nou. The tour is led by a live guide who will share their knowledge and insights with you.

How To Use

  • You can present your ticket as a printed copy or a mobile e-ticket. Choose the format that is most convenient for you.
  • Your Camp Nou Tour Ticket is only valid during the specified period mentioned in the selected package. Make sure to check the dates and times of validity to plan your visit accordingly.
  • You can enter the Camp Nou attraction directly with your ticket. There is no need for additional validation or check-in procedures.


Camp Nou C. d'Arístides Maillol, 12 08028 Barcelona Spain.
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  • What is the Camp Nou Tour?

    The Camp Nou Tour is a guided visit to the iconic Camp Nou stadium, home of FC Barcelona. It allows visitors to explore the stadium, visit the museum, and experience the rich history and culture of the club.

  • How long does the tour last?

    The typical duration of the Camp Nou Tour is approximately 90 minutes, but visitors are welcome to explore at their own pace.

  • Can I buy tickets on-site?

    Yes, tickets can be purchased at the stadium. However, booking ahead is recommended to ensure a spot and avoid long waits. You can also purchase tickets online through TicketsToDo, as it offers a wide variety of tickets to FC Barcelona games, as well as other events in Barcelona.

  • Is the Camp Nou Tour suitable for children?

    Yes, the Camp Nou Tour is family-friendly and suitable for all ages. Children can enjoy the museum exhibits, stadium tours, and interactive experiences.

  • Can I take photos during the tour?

    Yes, photography is allowed during the tour, except in certain restricted areas for security or privacy reasons.

  • Are there audio guides or guided tours available?

    Audio guides are available in multiple languages for an enhanced self-guided experience. Additionally, guided tours led by knowledgeable staff are also offered.

  • Are there any restrictions for visitors with mobility issues?

    The Camp Nou Tour is accessible to visitors with mobility issues. Elevators and ramps are available to ensure easy access to most areas of the stadium.

  • Can I visit the stadium on match days?

    No, the stadium is closed to visitors on match days and during other major events. It is best to double-check the schedule before visiting.

  • Are there any additional attractions or activities at Camp Nou?

    Yes, besides the stadium and museum, Camp Nou offers a variety of additional attractions, including the Trophy Room, Players Tunnel, and the multimedia space dedicated to FC Barcelona's history.

  • Does the tour have a dress code?

    Although there is no set attire for the Camp Nou Tour, it is advised that you wear comfortable clothing and walking-friendly shoes.