Things To Do In Riyadh

Riyadh, the capital and financial epicenter of Saudi Arabia, offers beautiful tourist attractions and spots ranging from cultural and historic to modern and luxurious. If you’re planning a trip to Riyadh, then our curated travel guide will help you prepare the best Riyadh itinerary. Check it out and find out the best places to visit and things to do in Riyadh.

Top Attractions in Riyadh

Riyadh offers hundreds of attractions and monuments that sure will catch your eye and make long-lasting memories in your heart. Starting with the Kingdom Center Tower, being the tallest building in the city, it accommodates a vast shopping mall along with multiple fine dining restaurants to satisfy all your cravings. You can find similar adventures at Riyadh Gallery Mall, Al Nakheel Mall, Granda Center, Panorama Mall, Riyadh Avenue Mall, and tons of other shopping and amusement malls in Riyadh to complete your touristy experience.

If you are planning to dive into the cultural and historical heritage of Riyadh, then you are going to immensely enjoy the beautiful mosques, forts, and religious places this historic city has to offer. Be it Al Rajhi Grand Mosque that can accommodate up to 20000 males and female prayers or King Khalid Grand Mosque in Riyadh. You sure are going to find this experience highly spiritual and relaxing. Similarly, historic forts and monuments like the Al Masmak Fortress and Old Dir'aiyah are going to impress you with their rich and ancient history.

If you have kids accompanying you this trip, then a visit to the Riyadh Zoo and the King Abdullah Park or the Al Bujairi Heritage Park will be a hit with your little ones. There are many adventure parks and gaming arenas that will provide the perfect entertainment for your family, it's one of the best things to do in Riyadh.

Best Activities in Riyadh

From sightseeing in the Al Madinah Hop-in Hop-off bus tours to aerial helicopter and balloon tours to desert rides and hiking in the sand, Riyadh offers everything to satisfy the adventure junkie in you. You can pick from different outdoor activities and festivities depending on your taste to make your trip to Riyadh the most memorable one.

You can choose from 4WD tours, Safaries, Desert tours on Camelback, and hiking. To stay on a safer side, you can go on a Riyadh city tour with experienced and knowledgeable guides to discover the city’s hidden secrets. You get a variety of options to pick from, such as bus tours, biking tours, cultural tours, or private tours, depending on your taste and budget to explore Riyadh. When planning your visit, you can coordinate your holiday to coincide with multiple festivals and events like the Janadriyah festival in Riyadh.

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