Things to do in Glasgow

Termed as the cultural capital of Scotland, Glasgow is a city that’s bolstered with attractions and its proximity to the Clyde River. If you are considering a trip to this region and looking for the best things to do in Glasgow, city sightseeing spots, museums, and options to experience the richness of music, then we have something for you. Check out our detailed list of places and activities to explore when in Glasgow.

Top Attractions in Glasgow You Must Include in Your Itinerary

Despite its rich cultural signature, Glasgow doesn’t restrict you to the art gallery or museum but also offers several sightseeing options. To start with, a day trip from Glasgow would take you to the Isle of Skye and the elusive Hebrides. However, if you are heading southwest, you can experience the picturesque ambiance of the Dumfriesshire. Once you are done traveling far and wide, strolling down the Glasgow Cathedral, at the heart of the city, isn’t such a bad option.

Besides experiencing the historical ambiance of the city, this attraction also takes you closer to the elusive exhibits like Hindu statues, Egyptian mummies, and more. The Kelvingrove Art Gallery should be your next stop, provided you are interested in shopping and keeping the family entertained throughout. If you are an art connoisseur, heading straight to the Glasgow School of Art is also advisable.

Glasgow is a Treasure Trove for Art & Nature Lovers

Glasgow Necropolis, a garden cemetery, is one of the topmost attractions in the city. You can consider this if you are interested in looking at the sculptures and Celtics. Apart from that, the city also has the famed University of Glasgow that comes across as the best gallery of modern art.

Therefore, for art lovers, day trips from Glasgow hotels offer some of the best options to learn more about the cultural history of the city. However, if you are still looking for variety, the Glasgow Botanic Gardens and Glasgow Green are some of the best parks to stroll around.

Best Activities in Glasgow for People of All Age Groups

For families, Glasgow is a rewarding destination, packed with scopes of outdoor activities. You can opt for adventurous games like Axe Hurling and Escape Reality whilst visiting the Riddle Room for a brainstorming experience. Apart from that, ImmotionVR and Clue HQ are some of the other exciting indulgences for the kids.

However, some of the more regulated activities that do not involve adrenaline rush include a visit to the Tennent's brewery. There is a famous Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre for you to experience. Glasgow also offers several pacifying activities in the form of guided tours to palace or winter gardens. Overall, this city excels when it comes to the availability of diverse traveler resources.

Regardless of your inclination towards the house of art or the willingness to visit the Glasgow film theatre, you can pre-book the tickets at TicketsToDo. We enlist some of the best traveling attractions, followed by a detailed synopsis of the best things to do in Glasgow.