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SkyDive Dubai Tickets

Grab your tickets of SkyDive Dubai at best prices. It is one of the most thrilling, epic and adventurous experience . See the beauty and incredible views of Dubai from the airspace.Experience the thrill and freedom in the Sky. You will feel the immense pleasure, that you have never felt before.If you have never jumped before, try and you will be amazed how exciting the jumps are!

So, an unforgettable adventure awaits you in the world of sky. Come and fly with SkyDive Dubai !

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من عند
AED 400
للشخص الواحد
آخر تحديث 25th November 2020

  • No Cancellation
  • Duration 20 / 30 Minutes (Approx)

  • Through this exciting thrill, you'll get a spectacular view of Palm Jumeriah Island and the mesmerizing dunes of Desert Zone.
  • See the beauty of Dubai from bird's eye view, stunning sights, freedom of skies, and peacefully fly back to the Earth with your parachute.
  • Here you need to know that both indoor and outdoor Skydiving options are available.
  • Skydive Dubai's Desert Zone is one of the largest Skydiving Schools, featuring world-class trainers and divers, who use the latest skills and techniques.
  • You can also try a private flight with SkyHub's Gyrocopter.
من عند
AED 400
للشخص الواحد
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What To Expect

Do not forget to miss the chance. It encourages you to fly with your wings. You can see the wonders of nature and the charming scene of Dubai during your skydiving. You will feel the inner happiness, that you have done something amazing in life. If you don't dare to jump solo, try tandem Skydiving in which you firmly attached with the instructor or diver and no experience is required. The world-class trainers and divers that will teach you the skills and techniques of Skydiving. Come and explore the nature from the Skyline.

What to expect

The tandem Skydiving is the quickest and easiest way to experience the thrill of free fall and give a stunning views of Palm Jumeriah Island .

What to expect

Skydiving in group, the most fascinating and empowering experience. It is 1300ft above the group . You have never seen it before.

What to expect

A pleasant experience of life when the rays of sun will brighten your face and make your eyes widen and radiant.

What to expect

An indoor Skydiving, this is an ideal for those who are scared from outdoor Skydiving. So, it is new concept and development of technology.

معلومات النشاط


No refund of fair shall be admissible on the tickets having confirmed reservations.

نصائح من الداخل

  • You will be trained and guided by high level instructors and divers .There is no risk of falling and injury.
  • This is the best place and welcomes the enthusiastic for Skydiving across the world.
  • You can enjoy both outdoor and indoor Skydiving
  • Book your adventure Today! Get your online tickets from our website.
  • For further discounts on the tickets, apply promo card or coupon codes and get your discounted tickets.

معلومة اضافية

Safety Rules and Measures

  • Wear comfortable clothes,So that the jumpsuit will fit well.
  • Check your jumpsuit that is fitted or not, because air should not be entered in it.
  • Wear your helmet and don't put it off during your Skydiving.
  • Must listen the instructions of divers and trainers.
  • Kids must be at least 18years old to try their first tandem Skydiving.
  • 'Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in.

Covid -19 Precautions 

Safety rules and precautionary measures are apply.



  • Skydive Dubai Palm Drop Zone ( Al Seyahi St- Dubai Marina-Dubai ). SkyDive Dubai Desert Drop Zone ( Dubai- AL Ain Rd )

SkyDive Dubai Tickets

SkyDive Dubai صفقة أسعار التذاكر
Tandem Skydive (The Palm Drop Zone ) من عند AED 2150
Skuhub Gyrocopter Flight (30 Min) من عند AED 790
Tandem Skydive (The Desert Campus Drop Zone ) من عند AED 1500
Skuhub Gyrocopter Flight ( 20 mins) من عند AED 610
Skuhub Gyrocopter Flight (12 mins) من عند AED 400