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Self Drive Luxury Car Rental in Dubai: Mercedes Benz

Get ready to explore the Middle East with supercar rentals and sports car rentals from international car brands. Rent a Mercedes Benz for a luxurious self-driving experience while you are traveling to Oman or taking road trips to Abu Dhabi. 

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  • Free Cancellation and Tickets are Refundable
  • 24 Hours (Approx)
  • English

  • You can choose any luxury car, premium car, or pocket-friendly economy cars in Dubai for a self-driving experience.
  • Get the lowest car rental price guarantee in this package.
  • Select your desired Mercedes Benz car model before your trip.
  • Choose your rental location and pay with your credit card for extra savings!
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Package Details

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What to Expect

Get the chance to self-drive of Mercedes V-Class and S560 for 1 day (24 hours) with 300km mileage included. The vehicle is delivered to the client by our professional team anywhere in Dubai City free of charge, and picked up again at the end of the rental period.",

Our Mercedes fleet in Dubai is suited for all purposes. Minivans at the airport, business limousines in the city, or sports cars for desert excursions, the broad range meets the requirements of everyone.

For important business meetings in Dubai, we recommend driving the Mercedes S560. With its elegant design and attention to detail of both the interior and exterior, the Mercedes S560 is the epitome of luxury.

The Mercedes V-Class is the classic minivan for up to eight passengers. You can adjust the back seats to face each other for on the road meetings, or use it as a large family van. Drive through Dubai elegantly, comfortably and with a lot of trunk space

What to expect

Cozy and Comfy Mercedes V-Class

What to expect

Important business meetings in Dubai? Drive the Mercedes S560.

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  • A confirmation email will be sent to you once the booking is done.
  • Make sure to check your Spam folder if you haven't received an email from us. You can also notify us via email.

نصائح من الداخل

  1. You can select your car model from the wide range of cars from Mercedes Benz before you book.
  2. Knowing driving rules in the Middle East is a must for renting cars from car rental companies!

تعرف قبل أن تذهب

  1. You must go through the car hire/ rental agreement before your trip.
  2. You must have an international driving permit or a Dubai driving license. 
  3. This package is provided by Edel & Stark who ensures constant customer service throughout the rental period.

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  • You are required to present a printed copy of the E-ticket for this activity.


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Tickets will only be refunded if the activity is canceled 5 days prior to the booking date.