• Virtuocity Qatar Tickets
  • Virtuocity Qatar Tickets
  • Virtuocity Qatar Tickets
  • Virtuocity Qatar Tickets
  • Virtuocity Qatar Tickets

Virtuocity Qatar Tickets

The future of gaming is here at Virtuocity Gaming Amusement Park. With over 200 gaming stations featuring AAA games on all platforms, Virtuocity is the ultimate destination for gamers of all types. Plus, virtual reality offerings provide cutting-edge immersion into exciting new worlds. Whether you're ready to meet the boss or take on an escape room challenge, Virtuocity Theme Park is your go-to destination for next-level fun. So come on down and meet the boss!

Prepare to be amazed as you discover everything a gamer desires! Isn't it exciting? Purchase your online Virtuocity Qatar tickets today!

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Last Updated: 6th Dec 2023

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  • Immerse yourself in Virtual Reality to begin a new chapter in gaming.
  • Virtuocity Theme Park employs cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge VR equipment to create one-of-a-kind VR experiences such as VR Games, VR Escape Rooms, VR Iconic Football Pitches, and much more.
  • Plunge yourself in The Coliseum, 1100 square meters of pure gaming rapture, or be engulfed in glory at the Esport Arena.
  • Choose your team of 2 to 7 people wisely because we will lock you in our custom-built room where you will be challenged and you will only have 60 minutes to escape.
  • Compete in complete anonymity with your friends, family, or coworkers.

What To Expect

Virtuocity is one of the largest gaming and entertainment destinations in Qatar. This theme park offers an unforgettable experience by providing a variety of choices to suit all kinds of gamers, from the general public to elite players and esports enthusiasts.

The Virtuocity gaming center has been developed over 16,000 square meters with a modern design and touches that are customized for the region. It houses three levels with multiple rooms which are designed to offer as much comfort as possible, including consoles and arcade games, VR escape rooms, and VIP rooms with game stations for complete privacy. Visitors can also enjoy the absolute latest VR technologies in Virtuocity’s V-Cube the VR Experience.

E-sport Gaming Arena
This epic theatre has 200 raised gaming stations and provides a spectacular 360* view of the gaming gladiators in battle. The Coliseum is unlike anything else on the planet, divided into four blocks with four massive screens. This will be your combative hub, hosting weekly competitions, regional tournaments, and massive international championships, all of which will be broadcast to millions around the world via our own in-house studios and TV channel. Defeat your friends in the most epic pattern of best mobile esport gaming platform. 
Get involved, learn the craft, and experience the excitement of live gaming broadcasting!

My Tickets

  • Tickets for Virtuocity Qatar tickets will be issued upon confirmation within 24 hours of the booking request.
  • Make sure to check your Spam folder if you haven't received an email from us. You can also notify us via email.

Insider Tips

  • Do you love video games? Do you love spending time outdoors? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you need to check out Virtuocity Gaming Theme Park in Qatar. To help you make the most of your visit, here are some insider tips: 
  • Buy your tickets in advance. This will help you avoid long lines at the ticket counter. 
  • Dress for the weather. Qatar can be quite hot, so make sure to wear light, comfortable clothing. 
  • Bring cash. Many of the vendors at the park only accept cash. 
  • Plan your visit. There is a lot to see and do at Virtuocity, so it helps to map out your day in advance.
  • This gaming hub hosts a lot of esport tournaments and gaming festivals so have sure you attend them all for some extra fun. 
  • Have fun! This is the most important tip of all. Virtuocity is a great place to have a good time, so don't forget to enjoy yourself.
  • For a perfect summer in Qatar add the Angry Birds World Qatar, Enigma Escape Room and Snow Dunes to your one-day itinerary today! 
  • The Virtuocity store has some of the coolest gaming accessories that a gamer would die for! So, be sure to check out the gaming furniture, controllers, games, headsets, monitors, keyboards, and more. 
  • For more fun things to do in Qatar check out our Doha page for activities such as Qatar Mangroves Kayaking Tours, Doha Suba Diving Tickets, Inland Sea Qatar Tours, and Desert Safari Doha Tours.
  • Doha Festival City is Qatar's most popular and largest destination for world-class entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, dining, and hospitality experiences.
  • It consists of the region's first VOX 4D cinema complex, as well as the most enchanting entertainment and theme parks, including Qatar's first indoor snow park.
  • Of course, there's the country's first and only IKEA.

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Know Before You Go

Entry & services

  • Virtuocity opening timings:

                      Saturday - Wednesday: 10 AM - 10 PM
                      Thursday: 10 AM - 12 AM
                      Friday: 1 PM - 12 AM

  •  In order to credit the time, guests who purchase any hours must have a valid VC Card.
  • All rules and regulations, as well as health and physical restrictions, apply.
  • All products are valid for one month from the date of purchase.
  • This product cannot be exchanged for another.

Tickets Information

TicketsToDo is your one-stop shop for all your Virtuocity Gaming theme park Qatar tickets. 

  • We offer the best prices on tickets to this exciting new attraction, so you can get the most out of your gaming experience.
  • If you are looking for the best things to do in Doha we have a complete selection of all that Qatar has to offer! 

Covid 19 Guidelines

  • Visitors are asked to follow the management's safety guidelines.
  • Carry out the thermal check-up procedure at the entrance.
  • Carry a hand sanitizer with you and use it frequently.
  • Always wear a mask.
  • Maintain good hygiene.
  • Large crowds should be avoided.

How To Use

  • Download the Ticket and Carry a copy of the Virtuocity Qatar Tickets.
  • You can present either a printed copy or a mobile e-ticket.
  • Virtuocity Qatar Tickets are only valid during the period specified in the selected package.
  • You can enter the attraction directly with this ticket.


Doha Festival City Al Kheesa P.O. Box 38418 Doha, Qatar.
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You can reach Virtuocity park by public transport or in your personal vehicle.

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  • What attractions are near Virtuocity?

    • Angry Birds World Qatar. 
    • Snow Dunes.
    • Doha Festival City Mall.
    • Doha Festival City. 
    • Carluccio's - Doha Festival City.
  • When is Virtuocity open?

    Virtuocity opening timings:

    • Saturday - Wednesday: 10 AM - 10 PM
    • Thursday: 10 AM - 12 AM
    • Friday: 1 PM - 12 AM